Sunday, November 1, 2009

A low-key welcome to November...

Today we spent the day at home (except for my brief stint at Amy's house where we shrink-wrapped baskets for the school fundraiser.)

Libs made some fabulous pictures using some stickers she got Trick or Treating.

Speaking of Trick or Treating-- Libi wants to do it all the time now. I told her this afternoon that Halloween was over and that Thanksgiving was the next holiday. She replied, "NO!" I then said that after Thanksgiving came Christmas, Santa, and presents. She still replied, "NO! I want Halloween!" I guess we did such a good job of talking up Halloween so she wouldn't be scared that she now likes it best of all.

As Nana says, Libi often goes into her own little world. Lately that world has involved her cars. Ron and I are both thrilled that she enjoys boys toys as well as girly girl things. Today the cars were being told what their Halloween.

After a short Skype with my folks, Libi officially went over the edge. I guess that this is the day after Halloween roller coaster that I used to loathe as a teacher.

Since today is a shorter post, I thought I'd post some funny things that have been said around here:

"I don't like cheese at all on anything!" Very dramatic for a gal who LOVES cheese!!!

"Tobee is my favorite puppy in the whole wide world!"

Two weeks ago at Nana and Pop's Libi was eating carrots from the garden. Nana remarked that Libi ate the carrots just like a rabbit to which Libi scolded:
"I'm not a rabbit, I'm a gril!" Not that's not a typo, she doesn't say girl she says 'grill'!
Then Nana later told her that she was a jewel, then Libi said with even more force:
While I wasn't thrilled about her tone, Nana thought it was a scream. Now whenever you ask Libi is she's pretending to be something she replies, "No, I'm a GRIL!!!"

In the car on the drive home last weekend we needed to kill some time so we were pretending to be different animals. I would suggest one then we would all make the sound of the critter. After a few times Libi caught on and she tried to suggest things on her own. Her suggestions: "Be a cow, be a chicken, be Elmo!" Ron and I of course did our best impresonations and Libi was quite impressed!

Libi loves counting and the things they do and say at school show up in her little games with us. Earlier last month she counted from 1-10 and then after 10 she said, "Times up!" We have never said this, so we're assuming it's a school thing!

Finally, we might have watched Monster's Inc. too many times becuase Libi has been overheard to say, " I love you schmoopsy poo!"

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