Monday, November 16, 2009

A girl with a mind of her own

Today we schlepped Jammy and Granpa around to several doctors appointments. I made sure that Libi's backpack was stocked with things to keep her busy and quiet.

She was happiest of all chatting with Granpa. Telling him that the doctor wanted to listen to his heart and that doctor's are nice-- I think she thought he was scared.

While they were in with their general practitioner Libi met a very nice older girl. They played very well together and Libi kindly shared all of her toys and her coloring books.

For lunch we headed to Nana and Pop's house.

I made the mistake of moving around some things on Nana's table. Libi gave me a stern talking to and told me, "Don't touch the table!!!"

Granpa decided to get her even more riled by coming over and touching the table. He also got a stern talking to!

One final dance before it was time to go.

Jammy helped with shoes then it was off to the airport!

We have loved spending time with Jammy and Granpa!

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