Monday, November 2, 2009

Just another manic Monday...

Sorry I have been MIA lately-- I will try to do better :)

Today I tried to do Libi's hair in a bun for the first time-- it didn't stay like this very long, so I'm glad I got a photo of it.

This is Libi's friend Lily. She is such a sweet little girl with a wonderful Mom. We hope that we will run into them at St. Stephen's-- where we are both parishioners.

This is our second to last dance class. I know that Libi will miss it terribly!

This young lady to Libi's right is our class bully. She has had run-ins with almost every girl in our class, but Libi still likes her! Way to see the best in everyone, sweetheart!

I will personally miss the "Teddy Bear" song-- she did it so well!

Libi was again selected to be the leader of the train-- such an honor.

Whoops-- some cars came loose!

Today Miss Cheryl Ann's daughter attended class with the girls. I thought it was hilarious that when it came time to pretend to be tigers that her daughter thought it was time for a pony ride.

Libi has become quite the teacher's pet. I wonder where she gets that from???

She has already learned the entire routine for the Winter program and here she is helping Miss Cheryl Ann to teach it.

With the glare in the parent waiting room, we don't get many good mirror shots-- but I got one today.

"Hello Mom!"

Today for the partner dance Libi got matched with Solea, her preschool friend.

"Doin' the bean bag dance!" That song will get stuck in your head for days!!!

Libs still is a total cheater during this song, holding it on her body part instead of balancing it like she's supposed to.

It's hilarious to watch them but the beanbags between their knees and walk around.

Popping a few bubbles...

before it's time to head for home.

After an early nap it was time for our first afternoon MOPS park playdate.

Hilariously enough-- the dance class bully was at the park! She was so happy to see Libi and was very kind, so she redeemed herself in my book!

We had a really great turn-out-- lots of Moms and kids that we don't see very often.

The lighting was perfect for photos so I took a ton!

Libs was a bit of a chicken about the slide at first, but after much encouragement from Courtney she came down like a champ!

Libi was so funny, she pushed Joie and Corbin in the swing and then expected Joie to push her. She's already beginning to nagotiate at this young age-- I think we'll be in trouble when she's in her teens :)

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