Saturday, July 31, 2010

Star Wars...

Libi was so happy to have the whole family back together...

she couldn't contain that big grin!!!

She was also super excited about our backyard movie tonight!

It was Star Wars Episode 4!!!

Libi and Daddy perfected their light saber battles....

and I tried to do Libi's hair like Princess Leia.

I'm happy to report that it wasn't only cute, but it stayed in until the movie was over.... I have more hair dressing skills than I thought :)

The Strassner's came and brought Lib her own light saber...

she was beyond thrilled!!! Especially since it matched Ben's!!! Earlier today I heard her calling one of her prince dolls "Ben"-- I think she might have a little crush on him!!!

It was a small turn-out for the movie, but we had lots of fun!!

Poor Emma, her light saber was from the dark side-- I told her I liked the red ones better.

Libi was prepared to fight along with Luke and Han.

She and Zofia enjoyed most of the movie like this, very sweet!

When I took her hair out it looked gorgeous!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Paths converging...

This morning Grammy took Libi for her first ever professional manicure.

Libs loved the sparkly polish and the flowers that were painted on her nails.

Here she is posing with Grammy's nail girl, Harmony.

Next it was off to swimming with Cousin Bridget. At the pool they bumped into Miss Karen and Libi thought she was back at swimming lessons.

It looks like Libi didn't use many of her swimming skills-- instead she hitched a ride on Aunt Violet.

Aunt Andrea even joined in on the pool fun!

Libi took a shine to Aunt Andrea's sunglasses...

and to Cousin Bridget's cool goggles!

Meanwhile, one state away.... Ron and I were checking out of our hotel. (I love elevator photos!)

Caesar pointed our way to the parking garage and we were off!

We made a stop at Outdoor World at the Bue Diamond exit. It is 4 acres of outdoor goodness!

I caught a fish...

and Ron wrestled an alligator. A good time was had by all!

We made one final Nevada stop at the M Resort where Top Chef Las Vegas was filmed. We had lunch in the cafe and hit one final slot machine.

My machine was the luckiest one of the whole trip. I went to about seven bonus rounds and kept winning big!!!! I cashed out with $25-- not bad when I started with $5 :)

With temperatures like this, we were ready to get out of Nevada....

and home to the So.Cal. fires!

Thanks to a fun car (and a super fun husband) for a few relaxing days away!!!!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A photo heavy post..... Sorry!

Here is our view in the morning-- we can see the pool and dolphin arena at the Mirage.

This morning we hopped into the car and drove into North Las Vegas, an area we hadn't seen before.

We went to Cafe Bleu-- the Cordon Bleu training kitchen/restaurant. I loved the totally windowed kitchen, it was like lunch and a show.

The menu prices were very reasonable and our student servers were cute.

We started with Caesar salad and the most amazing tomato soup with a pesto crouton!!!!

Our entrees were crispy skinned salmon and

of course, Chicken Cordon Bleu!!! I'd never had edible flowers before and they were interesting!

On the way to the restroom I got to see a classroom. If you look on the board you can see that they are learning about a buffet for a wedding. So fun!

It was a really fun lunch!

We headed to the outlets to try to find something for Libi and the temperature was a cool 111 degrees.

On our way back to our hotel we saw the iconic sign and I couldn't resist a photo.

For dinner we went to Hubert Keller's restaurant Fleur de Lys in the Mandalay Bay hotel. Don't we look cute all gussied up?

We chose the Top Chef Masters tasting menu. They took the best of his dishes that he prepared on the show and put them into one menu-- super fun for two Top Chef loving folks like Ron and I.

The restaurant was gorgeous with a wine cellar on the second level...

beautifully set tables, and a floral display on the wall.

Our amuse bouche was a tasty piece of black cod on top of cold potato salad with an chipotle aoili.

The little touches like the impeccable radish salad made his food so amazing to eat.

Ron had the best entree which was Chef Keller's finale food. Oh my word, so very good!

Dessert was tasty too, but I especially loved the plates and the whipped cream mice!

At the end of the meal every woman is presented with a pink rose-- I love the Chef's sense of style!!

Our server took a photo of us-- she was pretty amazing, but I fell in love with a boy who kept bringing us fresh-baked hallah bread!

We then hopped on the train and did some casino exploring.

A short car ride back to Caesar's found us at the penny poker machines-- Ron's favorite...

and I won big (for a penny slot) on Super Cherry!

It was made even better by an alcoholic drink :)

Our final adventure of the night was walking to the Bellagio to see the floral display.

Back home Libi was on her way to the Long Beach Aquarium.

She and Grammy were very excited to see some fish.

Today Libs was very brave! She pet sting rays

and baby sharks!

She even fed the lorikeets! Aunt Andrea talked her into it by telling her, "They are just birds, Libi!"

Libi loves fish..

she also likes making fish faces.

Perhaps one day she will be a fishy vet?

For dinner she talked everyone in to Chuck E. Cheese (better them than me!!)

She rode some rides alone...

and others with Aunt Violet. It looks like a fun day!