Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Heading to Goleta...

This morning I had my yearly appointment with my lady parts doctor and I really didn't want Libi to go with me. Happily Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet were able to come watch Libi!

They brought Gizmo to play...

and did some coloring!

Here is Andrea's portrait of Gizmo...

I'll give a gold star to whomever can tell me who this is!!!

Libi also showed off her musical skills.

Once I got home we loaded into the car and drove to Goleta to see Daddy!!!

I was happy to leave the heat and head to the cooler coast.

Libs loved meeting all of Daddy's camp friends.

She also loved the fact that there was music at every event. Perfect for shaking your hips!!

The first activity we participated in was the rally which was luau themed. The field in which it was being held in had these flowers growing everywhere-- which were irresistible to Libi.

She picked a bunch and some of Daddy's friends made for her a daisy chain.

Look at that darling bracelet!!

She also wanted flowers in her hair.

Is this not the sweetest picture of my little sweetie?

We got to see Daddy in action which was really fun!

We were able to get off campus for a nice family dinner. Libi loved the meal for two main reasons: #1 They gave her two straws in her milk.

#2 After her meal they brought her a whole tumbler full of maraschino cherries. Awesome!!

After dinner it was time to help Daddy introduce Uncle Russ who was the keynote speaker for the evening.

My ever-so-shy child hopped right on stage and danced to the music while the kids filed into the auditorium.

She was such a ham! Blowing kisses to the kids and waving to them as she shook her rump.

Ron had originally wanted Libi to sing the Tree Song with him, but Libi took over the mic and did her own thing. You can check out her performance here: Libs on YouTube

Uncle Russ' show was totally amazing!!

Libi was pretty blown away too!

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