Friday, July 9, 2010

Last day in Stockton

This morning I found this sight in the front hall. Libi had placed her president flash cards all around the entry to the house. She always finds ways to entertain herself!

We went up to Jammy's community to say one last goodbye to all Libi's friends.

Libi wore a darling outfit from Nana and Pop-- with a big floppy hat from Jammy.

Libi shared her hat with some of the residents.

We will miss all of our friends there.

Since we were going to Bob's tonight Libi wanted to make some pictures to share with Guy and Juan (her two favorite guys there!)

So while we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the millionth time Libi made a ton of art.

It was a fun trip to Bob's-- even though Guy ditched us! Renia and Bob did join us this trip which helped lessen our disappointment.

After dinner it was back to the boats...

Granpa found this one that he liked that came down all the way from Portland.

I think I need to pin up this hat so that Libi can see (and I can get a good photo of her!)

The weather has been gorgeous our entire trip-- lets hope it follows us home tomorrow!

Renia helped Libi pick some fresh blackberries for Libi to have for breakfast tomorrow.

Libs also helped the boys find a boat to buy. She's really good at spending other peoples money.

We finished up painting our princess sun catchers tonight.

Libi really enjoyed painting them-- and I loved watching her process.

When we first painted them on Wednesday Libi wanted to slap as many colors as possible on each princess. Today she was totally monochromatic-- covering every inch of the princess in one signature color. I'm not sure if any sun will make it through all of the paint she slathered on-- but we will see.

Send prayers for us as we head home tomorrow-- this will be the first time that the girls and I have driven home alone. I know that we will be fine, but lets hope that the sisters don't argue too much in the backseat :)

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