Monday, July 12, 2010

Returning to Kidspace...

Today MOPS had a summer trip planned for Kidspace. Since Libi and I were the only two to RSVP we really felt like we had to go.

We met up with a nice Mommy named Susie who I hadn't spent much time with and her three kiddos!

Our first stop was the garden area (which wasn't there on our last visit) to water the vegetables. Could this watering can be any cuter??

While Susie's boys went in the creek Libi climbed on the vines. I gave her the option of going in the creek, but she passed since she wasn't in her suit.

She attempted to climb on the vines, but due to her sandals she wasn't able to get very far...

so she crawled under them instead! I like a girl who can problem solve :)

We were able to get pretty good seats for the dinosaur show where we learned about herbivores and carnivores.

Afterward the kids got to touch fossilized dino eggs and poop!

After coming down off the hill we moved into the other water play-- Libi was more than happy to participate in this one.

While everyone else changed out of their soaked clothes we went in to the science area.

Libi loves looking at all of the shells and rocks under the magnifying glass.

They also had some dinosaurs to play with-- I tried to play and photograph at the same time... not my forte!

We were also able to see a butterfly show and two of our friends were in it!!! Libi wanted to be the butterfly at the end but she wasn't picked.

We did get to ask some questions of the educator after the show.

Libi was also able to pose in front of the butterfly (and show off her wings!)

Once we met up again we had fun in the bug exhibit...

and Libi climbed to the top of the raindrop steps all by herself!

She was super proud of herself for going all the way to the top and back down solo--- and so was I!!

After a little more playtime it was time to head out.

One final picture with the sign and we were on our way home. Thanks Susie for planning such a fun day!

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