Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

Our 4th got off to a slow start this morning-- which was a true blessing! Jammy didn't have to work today so we all took our sweet time getting ready.

Libi's one 4th request was to go to Bob's on the Marina-- and who were we to deny her??

She convinced Guy to make her Minnie Mouse pancakes. Know how we are certain that these are Minnie cakes and not Mickey cakes???

The sausage bow of course!

I had the most American thing on the menu--- a good, old-fashioned cheeseburger and fries. YUM!!!

The marina was hopping so there was lots to see on the post lunch boat walk.

Granpa and Libi waited for the party boat to leave, but they too were taking their sweet time!

This same boat was parked here last year-- with the same Uncle Sam and the same sweet man handing out pinwheels to children who came by.

Libi still has hers from last year, but she was excited to get another one!

She couldn't wait to show Jammy!

Here is the same shot from Jammy's angle! Gotta love a family with one camera per person :)

On the ride home there was much silliness from our stubborn girl... Miss Independence as Jammy calls her!

We made sure to hit the pool today.

It was very special because Granpa swam with us.

It was like Grand Central in the pool today-- everyone cooling off from the Stockton heat.

We still managed to carve out some space for swimming and diving!

In the evening we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

and Skyped with Nana and Pop... as well as the whole Ippolito clan! Gizmo was the most talkative!

While it's hard to be separated on a holiday, we are together in spirit!
From our family to yours-- a happy and safe 4th of July!!

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