Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A spontaneous trip...

This morning Libi and I spent some time in the studio.

I was getting lots of pages into albums...

and she was making bracelets and cards with all of my scraps. This arrangement is going to work out very well :)

Ron and I decided, quite spontaneously to use our two free nights in Vegas today so here is where our stories diverge:

Libs stayed in the SCV with Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet. She was dancing in the hallway because she was so excited to spend three days with them!!!

Grampy and Grammy also came over to spend more time with her which was a win, win.

Gizmo also got to come play with Tobee-- and Grammy!

When Grammy and Grampy are over there is lots of running and chasing,

but there are also quiet moments with a new sticker book.

Ron and I hopped into our rental car (due to the fact that Ron's car wouldn't turn off)... Can you guess what kind of car we got???

Yup! A mustang!!! It was really fun to cruise to Vegas in a stunning white Mustang!

We made a quick stop in Baker for Ron to grab a bite at his favorite fast food place Del Taco.

We couldn't resist taking a photo with the World's Largest Thermometer which read 109 degrees. Yikes!

A few short hours after we left home we were in Nevada. You know life is different here when they have giant billboards advertising "The Gun Store" and giving you a chance to fire a machine gun!

We saw a gorgeous sunset as we headed toward the Strip.

Vegas is really hot in the summer-- I know, "Duh Heather!" At 8 p.m. it was over 100 degrees!

After checking at Caesar's in we walked over to the Venetian for dinner.

Our favorite 24 hour cafe is the Grand Lux inside the Venetian. Tonight we not only got their amazing fries with scrumptious ranch dressing but I tried double stuffed potato spring rolls. Oh my were they good!!!

Perhaps the best purchase of the entire trip was the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. We had to wait a few extra minutes for them, but they were amazing and we had lots to take with us for when we needed a pick-me-up!

This photo is a little inside joke for Aunt Andrea: Here is Ron doing "Awkward dolphin" in front of the Mirage.

Inside the Mirage we visited the Beatles Love theater.

While the tickets were way too outrageous to actually see the show, we loved seeing the great entrance.

After some more walking and a little gambling we made it back to Caesar's.

Here is the view from our room at night... tune in tomorrow to see it during the day :)

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