Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A very fun visit to Nana and Pop's

We made a triumphant return to Nana and Pop's today-- it seems like forever since we've seen them.

Libi loves the freedom she has there-- Mommy doesn't let her use markers at home (she's too afraid of a mess!)

Today she insisted that every girl put a scarf on their head to look like a princess.

Nana and I were both good sports...

which delighted Libs.

Pop helped to secure her princess dress...

and then she stole his seat (the game of the day!)

A short post means more Libi-isms:

"Daddy is my best love friend!"

Ron and I were smooching upon his return and mid-kiss we hear, "That's enough you guys!"

While talking to Jammy on speaker phone the other day while Ron and I listened in:
I told Jammy that Libi was playing with her firetruck from Granpa
J: Are you putting out fires?
L: I'm not allowed.
J: (Not understanding what Libi just said) Are you saving people?
L: I'm not allowed.
J: But don't firefighters help people and put out fires?
L: (with a great deal of emphasis) I'M NOT ALLOWED!!!
At least she knows that at the age of three she's not supposed to do anything with fire :)

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