Monday, July 19, 2010

I get my baby back!!!

It was very strange to be at home all alone at night-- not something that happens very often for me. I filled my time doing laundry, catching up on some TV, and just vegging out. I would love to say that I was more productive, but that's the truth :) I actually did a great deal of scrapbooking this morning which was good for my soul!

Libi seemed to have a pretty restless night-- as evidenced by a nearly four hour nap later in the day!

She was happy about her breakfast!!

She totally made herself at home while she was there.

One last photo modeling her new jewelry then it was back to Canyon Country.

Once she finally woke up Libi and I went to the grocery store. She found a new fruit to try-- we will report back later to let you know if she liked it or not.

Our new movie of the moment is High School Musical...

which Libi reenacted tonight!

While it was nice to have some quiet time, life is much more fun with my little one.

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