Monday, February 28, 2011

Saying Goodbye...

Tobee hasn't even made it upstairs the past few days. Her spot of choice is laying on the landing and this is where I found her this morning.

I ran Libs to school and went home to spend some one-on-one time with my girl.

She is still so happy in the yard. She isn't able to chase bunnies or birds, but she stands there, looks them in the eye, and lets them know that this is still her yard.

I tried to do some photos of the two of us, but this was the best one I got.

I ran to Libs school for a second to take some photos of her with the firetruck.

All the kids were so excited that this was the kick-off for Community Helpers week.

A few of them were a bit spooked by Officer Wayne in his full get-up. Miss Caroline wasn't spooked as he was very handsome and wasn't wearing a wedding ring :)

Each of the kids got to drive the truck...

Libi LOVED it!!!!

The entire school posed with the firemen before they turned on their siren and drove away.

I threw Libi in the car and we headed to dance class (nothing like cramming a weeks worth of school and dance into two days so we can go to CADA!)

You can see the lovely battle wounds from Saturday. Poor girl!!!

They are working on pointed toes in class... Libi loves to practice this with our without her ballet shoes on.

Her friend Solea is in this class. It was nice that she has someone she knows in Monday and Wednesday classes.

Solea was VERY excited to see her friend Libi in class.

Her Mom said that she did much better when Libs was around :) It's nice to have friends to dance with.

Every week I've been taking a photo of the girls on the monitor that the Moms watch in the lobby. Today it struck me that it looks like those 7-11 security videos you see on the 10 o'clock news :)

It was nice that we were able to squeeze this in so Libi didn't miss anything.

We returned home were Libi napped, Mommy scrapbooked with Lynnette to try to calm her nerves, and Daddy loved on Tobee.

Cris and Ron came over to watch Libi while Ron and I drove Tobee to the vet. It was a horrible drive for the two of us-- we shook, we cried, we barely spoke. Toots stuck her head out the window and enjoyed feeling the wind in her ears.

Once at the vet we were taken into a nice big room where Tobee was given a little sedation. We kissed her, petted her, sang "Snuggle Puppy" to her, told her how much we loved her, and we cried. The vet came in and asked if we were ready--- we weren't, but what option did we have?? She gave her a shot while all three of us had our hands on her. In one peaceful second she was gone. It was actually a beautiful thing to be there with her-- and completely horrid at the same time. Ron and I lingered a really long time before we finally left her.

Tobee was a pound puppy that we found in Lancaster a few short months after we were married.

She was the runt of the litter, but we fell instantly in love with her. On the day we went to officially adopt her from the pound the worker informed us that since she was the runt she would probably only last 3 months...... BOY WAS HE WRONG!!!

We brought her home and were just as nervous as if we had just given birth.

She didn't sleep well at night... well at least not in her kennel.

I took days off work to help her get adjusted.

When I did go to work I left either the TV or radio on to keep her company.

She did many classes at Petsmart and she was a quick learner!!

She went everywhere with us-- Nan and Pop's house, Stockton, Disneyland.

She began as a little runt, but soon she was a big girl!

When Libi came along her role changed a bit....

she still traveled around with us...

but she was now Libi's protector.

She barked when anyone got near the house-- her big, fierce bark!

She was always close to Libi to keep a watchful eye on her.

She grew into a beautiful girl!

She and Libi had some moments of frustration with each other...

and she had some with us too...

but she was a beloved part of our little family.

I will never look into our backyard without thinking of all the time we spent together there.

Libi will miss her chum terribly!!!

From the day we adopted her until the day she passed she had the world's softest ears.

She was an amazing guard dog, but also so nice and sweet to all of our friends and family.

She loved being in the car and going for rides.

She was always welcomed at Nana and Pop's house and they often saved scraps for her.

She loved cuddling up on the sofa...

and nuzzling with Daddy.

She wasn't fond of dressing up, but she never nipped Libi for doing it-- growling, yes but nipping NEVER!

She and Daddy both loved their walks together.

My sweet Tobee Determined Ippolito we love you and will miss you!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Night

Tonight was Oscar Night.

We invited the Ippolito's over for dinner and a little Oscar watching.

It was also our last supper with Tobee. She has stopped eating and just isn't herself. Ron and I made the very tough decision to take her to the vet tomorrow so she can rest in peace.

In honor of the Oscars, Libi did her own little show where she interviewed every member of the family. She asked them questions about their life, handed them the microphone, waited for their answer, and promptly pushed them off her stage.

Everyone was a little melancholy about Miss Toots. She is truly a part of our family and this decision broke our heart!

Libi was happily oblivious to what was going on. For her it was a fun-filled night with Grampy giving her horsey rides and pizza for dinner.

Cris made and decorated a lovely cake for dessert!

I've been taking a ton of Tobee photos lately. She has always been well photographed, but the past two weeks we've really focused on getting some nice shots of our girl.

At moments she has spunk-- like here where she decided it would be fun to borrow in Libi's mound of dress up clothes. I will miss her mischievous ways :)

A dear friend of mine who recently lost a beloved pet suggested that we do a paw cast and get a lock of Tobee's hair. I will be forever thankful that we did these things-- thanks so much Claudine :)

As you can see in this photo taken late Sunday night-- she just isn't her happy self. We never wanted her to suffer, we simply wanted more time to say goodbye to our girl. I am so glad that we brought her home for a bit and I am dreading taking her back to the vet.