Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting into the Valentine-y spirit...

Libi continues to rock her Valentine's outfits from Jammy.

Libs was the leader of this line, but she got carried away and left behind :)

It didn't seem to phase her...

she just made her own line!

Once at home, her attention was turned to her long-neglected Disney toys. (Perhaps Mommy had something to do with that-- considering I couldn't stand dressing up any more of those tiny dolls!)

Ron and Libs were on their own in the evening... I was off to cookie class.

This class we made: snails, caterpillars, cupcakes, two flowers, several hearts, a lady bug, and XO cookies. Plus a really simply St. Patrick's Day cookie that's simply frosting a store bought oatmeal cookies and sprinkling them with St. Pat's sprinkles. Simple, yet darling!

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