Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dance and lunch...

Today for ballet we dressed with a bit of drama-- our Fancy Nancy tutu was the inspiration for the hair style.

We got to class early so Libi filled the time dancing in the hallway to Disney songs on Pandora.

Love that face and that really long hair :)

Class started small but grew to full size in no time!

The girls were working on pointing their toes and Miss Cheryl Ann gave them coins to keep on their shoes. Libi thought she was going to get to keep them-- she was the very last to turn her two quarters in.

They are working hard on one particular song, which I think they are going to do for the recital.

Speaking of the recital-- I have a question for the proud few who read my blog. When I was in dance as a kid we did recitals in the studio. They brought in folding chairs, had us dance a few songs for our families, then we had punch and cookies after we got a certificate of achievement.

This particular studio has the girls purchase costumes that cost between $50-$100. They charge family and friends for tickets to watch the girls perform in an auditorium. They have every dance class in the studio perform in a two hour show and then they "give" the girls trophies (which you pay for ahead of time!)

Their shows are twice a year (December and June). When we did dance last year I pulled Libi out before the show and this year I really don't want her to do it. Am I crazy??? Is this the norm now? Am I just really old fashioned??? I don't want to deny her, but I think that spending several hundred dollars twice a year on this is silly. Please let me know what you think.

At Pop's house Libi pulled out a few golden oldies from her books. This first book she used to ask Pop to read to her every visit when she was around a year old. Nana always loved how that was her special book with her Pop.

This next one Libs pulled out and she reminded Pop, "Nana and I used to read this together, but she's in heaven now."

Another thing Nana would love is that Libi is still insisting on picking flowers with Pop.

Even in the winter they have a good selection of flowers.

After Libi showed them to me...

she and Pop put them in a vase for all to admire!


Stace&Lis said...

Yeah, so there's a reason Cora isn't in dance class! ;) I think she'd love it, but I'm just too frugal/cheap to even get her started in an activity that involves costumes and tickets and, later, competitions and trips! I would definitely be annoyed, if I were in your shoes. But I also would say I think it sounds pretty "normal" nowadays. We live in an upper end suburb with people who have no problem shelling out big dough for their kiddos.

Oh - and don't even start Stace on passing out trophies for ... um... participating.

Amy said...

That is exactly why we always signed Emma up through Parks and Rec at the Sports Complex. They had a very, very cute recital at the end of the eight weeks in the main room. Very low key and Emma had just as much fun. :-)

Anonymous said...

Heather: I did dance for years when I was young. We did have a recital for all the classes in a separate location (large aud.) but no admission was charged and no trophies were handed out! We did have to pay for costumes but not so much. I'd do the same as you. The dancing should be for the experience, not the prizes. You could have Libi give her own recital at home!