Saturday, February 12, 2011

Every moment is scheduled.....

Today is an super busy, but a really exciting day!!! Every single second is scheduled and accounted for.

Ron was up and out of the house by 7 a.m. to help out at SCLP for their campus clean up day. Libi and I were a bit behind him and we left the house at 8:15 for a really big day at church.

Today was Libi's debut in the chime choir AND

it was the ordination day for Rev. Cindy and Rev. Susan.

Libi took her one note very seriously...

much to the delight of Miss Jenn, the chime choir director. (Not to mention her music teacher Mommy!)

I'm pleased to report that she actually played her note properly-- no more yelling "5!"

The kids were really excited...

and Libs was no exception! They kicked off the service and did a smashing job!

Next was the huge procession--- where Libi got to carry a pink flag. She was in heaven!!!

You know the service is a big deal when the Bishop is there :)

Rev. Susan and the kids sang "Hallelujah Heart."

Libi did a nice job, but it was hard to photograph due to the many priests in front of me and the mic stand.

We were so blessed to be a small part of this big day for these two amazing women. I was even a last minute sub in to read the Psalm during the service-- a huge honor! We look forward to watching these woman grow in their new ministry!

A short drive later we were at Cora's 4th Birthday party.

We saw lots of good friends there-- including Elyz and Lucas.

Libs loved the crafts-- especially the glitter paint, which is still drying because she used SO MUCH of it!!!!

They had a bouncer...

which was enjoyed by all!

When it was time for cake, Libi was excited. That's my girl!!!!

Cora looked like quite the little princess behind her Tinkerbell cake.

I love the family photo-- with extra kids poking in! Everybody wants to be part of Cora's cool family ;)

The kids enjoyed a sampling of the frosting before the cake was cut...

and Cora loved the frosting off of the Tink topper.

We had a few moments of down time before we took Libi to Grammy and Grampy's and we....

headed to Spring Awakening!

This is a musical that is all the rage with local teenagers. Ron and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about, so he got me tickets for Christmas.

I can see the draw with the teens-- the show is all about how parents mess up their kids. It wasn't my favorite show, but it was unique in the staging and music. It was just heaven to spend some time with Ron whom I haven't really talked to in a few weeks!

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