Thursday, February 10, 2011

A crazy day on the Court...

Libi and I came out of our garage this morning to this sight-- two police cars with men in the back and a large black van. It was quite jarring for me-- Libi loved seeing police men and their cars.

We never did find out what happened, but that was a lot of excitement for our little court!

The weather was a bit chilly today, but Libi really wanted to wear her Valentine dress today.

Thank goodness for a nice warm jacket over a sleeveless dress.

The boys are already beginning to chase Libs, after she taunted them :)

Libi is still good chums with Solea-- they had fun twirling around the pole today.

For share today Libi took Boo from Monsters Inc.

She was being super goofy when I was trying to commemorate her share-- this is the best picture I could get.

We took Boo home for a nap and she insisted on being buckled in. Safety first!

Daddy jammed home and grabbed us for the Rio Norte talent show.

My favorite act of the night was the kid who did the Thriller dance.

Libi's favorite was the girl with the glowing hoop a loop.

After the show Libi got some pictures with the girls who won...

and the hula hoop girl.

Libs even got to hold the cool hoop!

It was another great job by Aunt Gina and the fine arts department!!

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