Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day!

This morning Libi and I built a fort in the family room.

I gave her a flashlight and she spent a great deal of time hiding in plain sight!

To get out took a little effort, but it was worth it!

In the evening we went to the mall to have the Star Wars song put into Disneyland, the Build a Bear.

In the evening I began a new tradition for our family (which I read about on one of the many blogs I follow!) The idea is to ask your family what 3 things they would do if they were president. Each year the answers should change and be telling of the times in which you live and the age of your child. Here is our first go:

If I were president I would: Dance,

talk on the microphone,

and cut Tobee's hair. Not sure why she needs to be president to cut the dog's hair :)

If I were president I would: Make sure all teachers get paid what they're worth,

Be sure that no child in America goes hungry,

Take all my friends for a ride on Air Force One-- (this would be cool!!!)

If I were president I would: Swap the salaries of athletes and teachers (great minds think alike),

Bring peace to troubled nations (there's a lot of places that need my kind of help!)

Reform taxes to put young families first and let the wealthy take care of themselves.

We did ask Tobee the question...

but she was keeping mum on her plans :)

The poor girl is really wanting to get up on the sofa, but it's just not possible any more! Now she puts her head on the sofa and dozes, until her backside starts to give way. My baby :(

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