Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another trip to the Bob Baker Theater...

Today my MOPS and Mom's Club friends joined me for a visit to the theater to see "Something to Crow About."Despite the fact that Miss Libs was a little under the weather she still wanted to go see the puppets.As the families went into the theater I made them stop for a portrait-- luckily one of the moms took our photo.We were supposed to "share" the theater with a school group of 60 people.. luckily they canceled at the last minute! We were alone in the theater save for one family of four. Due to the small audience our kids got to see everything up close and personally. Libi was the first child that was sat upon by this Miss Goat puppet.

One of the funniest parts of the show came when this bunny appeared and painted everyone's nose with flavors. Notice how Libi was a bit tense, but she still thanked the bunny for painting her and the child behind her that crawled under the chair to avoid getting painted-- so funny!!!Here's another picture of Andrew hiding under the chair and Miss Libs rivited to the floor. She never moved even one iota of an inch during the entire hour and a half show.The show was a huge success-- everyone enjoyed the experience...especially the ice cream!!!! Libi chose strawberry over vanilla-- which made me a bit sad, but at least there was more vanilla for me!Hopefully a good rest will help her to feel better!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Everyone's sick!

but me!!!! Poor Ron he has a fever/cold and Libi is having allergy problems. Her poor eyes and nose are running non-stop and all she wants to do is cuddle. Due to all the sickies I had to care for we canceled all activities today.In the evening I looked up and found Libi looking like she was wearing a bikini top. She put her arm through the bottom of her shirt.At first I thought I was going to have to cut her out of the shirt until I realized what she had done.

After Ron went up to bed Miss Libs and I were cuddling while she was "fixing" my hair. During this process she moved my shirt off my shoulder and noticed my bra strap. When she saw it she said, "Seat belt Mommy" and proceeded to try to get the harness off my shoulder. I guess my black delicates look like her carseat seat-belt-- Oh well!!!

I was talking with my Mom on the phone hashing out the details for their visit this weekend and I used the phrase, "That's the master plan!" Libi hearing this decided it would make a good song and began singing, "Master plan, master plan!" So silly!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Libi has done so many funny things lately I just wanted to share some of them with you:

In the car yesterday Libi was yelling, "Wind please Mommy!" Meaning that she wanted the windows rolled down. Once I realized what she wanted she squealed with delight as the wind blew her hair all around.

Last night she was helping Ron take clothes out of the dryer. She pulled out his khaki pants, looked at Ron and said, "Uncle Knit Knots office!" This is a reference to the Disney show Imagination Movers. Uncle Knit Knots is the boring neighbor of the exciting movers-- apparently Daddy has the same dull wardrobe as he does!I found this scene on her table before she took a nap. All her Disney characters in a line ready for inspection!Libs woke up from her nap very phlegm-y and having trouble breathing. After several minutes of trying to calm her down we decided that a lollipop was the best course of action.She did rebound in the evening-- playing with Grammy and Grampy and modeling various slippers.Tonight I was lucky enough to have another Mom's Night Out. My MOPS friend Christine and I both have always wanted to take cooking classes. Several months ago we decided to act on our mutual interests and schedule a class at Clarice's Candy store. Tonight we learned all about cookie decorating. I created a tea cup, teapot, cupcake, crown, and Minnie Mouse addition to a flower pot cookie. I wasn't able to complete the baby onesie or the margarita glass because I ran out of time. It was such a great way to spend an evening! I can't wait to share some of my new knowledge with Libi and make some more of these adorable cookies!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pictures by Daddy...

They say that the best laid plans sometimes don't work out... today was one of those days.
Our plan was to go to the Huntington Museum this afternoon to see the final day of the Lincoln exhibit. Ron had a minimum day so it seemed ideal. Sadly he got delayed at work so we missed it, but Libi filled her Lincoln void by reading her Honest Abe book.Libs spent the evening playing and running around the family room.Note the blur in her Daddy's shoes!Daddy took these unique pictures by holding the camera above his head while Libi sat in his lap...Silly girl!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pioneer Club Sunday

On Sunday we went to VUMC for a Pioneer Club event.It's so hard to find something church appropriate that goes with a bright red nautical t-shirt! This had to do for the moment-- a black and white skirt paired with black knee socks and black shoes.The kids had to sing three songs at each of the services. The Skippers were quite enthusiastic during the first set, but during the second time around they lost a little of their spunk!
Libi gave a good show at each performance-- dancing and singing her little heart out.

The first song they did was called "Thy Word"-- it is the song they have been woking at the longest so it is by far the one they perform the best.

This next recording is only the intro of their second song, but Libs was busting such moves that I couldn't resist posting it.

The last song they did was "Yes Lord" and it has a great beat!

It was a fun event!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Day with the Canedy's

Today we took Libi to Disneyland for the 29th time!!!We went for a very special reason today-- to help Benji celebrate his first visit to Disneyland (and to see Sami and Erik too!)Our first stop was the Critter breakfast at Storyteller's Cafe in the Grand Californian. Libi enjoyed her Mickey waffles very much-- Mommy didn't enjoy the syrup dripping all over the place :)We got to see Brother Bear, Rafiki, Chip, Dale and Meeko. Benji did really well for his first Disney character experiences.While they checked into their room we ran into the park to get in line to see Tinkerbell.While the wait was long, we enjoyed our time together!We first met Silvermist and then....Tinkerbell. We simply had to see her this visit since we missed her last time!

We met back up with Sami and went with them on Ben's first ride: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. On our way to see Mickey we stopped for a photo shoot in front of the castle!It's probably been 25 years since Sami and I have been to Disneyland together, but we had such a good time. The kids had a great time too and spent lots of time playing, hugging, and holding hands!Both of the kids loved their time with Mickey!!!The big kids enjoyed it too :)After a play break in Goofy's garden in Toontown we went to Small World. Libi is still talking about all of the things she saw in this attraction-- she loves it!! Ben was so fun to watch during this-- he greatly enjoyed himself!Ben got his first set of ears-- which he only wore for a moment...before Libi took her turn. She tried to convince Ben to wear them, but he really wasn't into looking like Mickey.Ben fell asleep so we went to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch.While we waited we were lucky enough to see the bird show...which Lou really liked. She was especially tickled by the bird saying "Hello" to her. It was such a nice day with good friends!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

A cloudy Friday...

Today we went to music class-- it is Friday of course! When we got there Libi welcomed Miss Moira with a hearty "Hello Miss Moira!" then she informed her "I'm Libi!"-- as if she could forget my Miss Libs!!! Libi strummed away on the guitar today when it was her turn! She is so musically gifted :)As part of the "10 Fingers" song Miss Moira added a 10 toes section and she used Libi as the model. Libi was more than happy to oblidge! We sang "Old Joe" using zoo animals and puppets. This has been Libi's favorite song from the new lesson plan and we sing it all the time. I have spent many hours in the car changing the song for family members, friends, animals, and any other object Libi thinks of. She is really helping me to brush up on my improvising!!The "Camel Dance" was next on our list-- also known as the "Na-Na Song" (I can sing it for you later!) Libi began holding the scarves just like she was supposed to until....she caught sight of herself in the mirror and then...we lost her to the mirror for the rest of the song. At least she wiggled and swayed to the duple and triple meter beat!During instrumentation time Libs grabbed.... what else??? The lollipop drum!Libi has been really into hugging all of her friends lately. Today after a big hug for Miranda we headed home for lunch!

Libi and I had a brief stay at home before we hit the road for my OBGYN appointment. Ron met us there and traded cars so he could bring the sleeping Libi home.When I came home from my appointment this is what I found--- two sleeping cuties!!! I'm now enjoying the silence before a Mom's night out tonight at Chili's with the ladies from my Mom's Club. Ron will enjoy an evening out with his sister and Libs will watch the chihuahua movie with Grammy and Grampy!