Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The final full day!

Part 1: Heather and RonSeeing as how Arlington is nothing but hills I took Richa (who had fallen the night before) and Jenna (who has a physical disability that makes walking really difficult) on the tram tour.We met up with the group at the Tomb of the Unknowns for the changing of the guard. This is always so moving, especially during the wreath laying when the bugler plays "Taps."We were very lucky to be in the area when the cherry blossoms were in bloom-- it makes everything so pretty!Lunch was at Union Station today-- we think that food is a part of the experience so we try to eat in cool places or places with region specific food. Here we are looking very worn after our late night dealing with kids and parents. It is at this point that we are really feeling ready to come home.We had a Capitol tour which began in the new visitor center. It was a great new building, but the best part was that it connected to the Library of Congress. So while we waited for our tour time we ran over to see this amazing building!Ron even got to see a Lincoln display with the Lincoln Bible that Obama used for his Inaguration. Our stay was far too short, but we will plan to stay longer next year.The Capitol tour is far too short and it doesn't show you either of the chambers any more, but the building is still pretty!We are never ones to miss a group photo opportunity, so here we go!Next was the Newseum which deals with journalism around the world. It wasn't the kids favorite stop but they did enjoy the Berlin Wall, the huge glass elevator that holds 40 people, and the gift shop.We also made a brief stop at Air and Space Museum-- which the kids loved. Ron and I were too tired to see this one again so we spent most of the hour visit resting on a bench!One of the strangest things we do on the trip is go to Madame Tussaud's. The kids love to run around and mess with all of the wax figures-- I personally think it's a little creepy! Look at this Ben Franklin, for example, doesn't he look like Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the Future?Ron tried to save President Lincoln from John Wilkes Booth-- if only he had been at the theater that night!I got to wear a fur stole for our portrait with the Kennedy's!Michelle Obama had been added the day before we went to the museum-- luckily we missed the huge crowds for her unveiling!We let the kids blow off some steam at ESPN Zone. After a "scrumptous" dinner of sliders, chicken nuggets, and tater tots they were given game cards to play some of the arcade games. They loved this place while the chaperones were left unsatisfied!The Jefferson Monument was on our agenda this evening...and it was nice to get to see him!Our final stop of the night was the FDR Monument. This is the most unique monument with four interactive chambers signifying his four terms. Each area also has a water feature which sets the mood for the scene.This was our last photo before heading back to the hotel to pack and prepare for heading home tomorrow!

Part 2: LibiLibi has recently discovered that her Rose Petal Cottage can be turned sideways to create a pool. She turns it on its side and then throws all her toys in for a swim-- she has also discovered that she can sneak out the door instead of going over the side.Jammy and Granpa took her to the park in Fair Oaks for some play time!Granpa made a good swing pusherand he was helpful in lifting Libs up onto the caterpillar.They all went back to Nana and Pop's for dinner. It looks like she got to play with a measuring tape on this visit-- they always have interesting things to explore.Another thing you can always count on at Nana's house is a yummy dessert. Tonight Libi chose to wear her chocolate pudding-- even creating a chocolate tear on her face!

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