Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Libi has done so many funny things lately I just wanted to share some of them with you:

In the car yesterday Libi was yelling, "Wind please Mommy!" Meaning that she wanted the windows rolled down. Once I realized what she wanted she squealed with delight as the wind blew her hair all around.

Last night she was helping Ron take clothes out of the dryer. She pulled out his khaki pants, looked at Ron and said, "Uncle Knit Knots office!" This is a reference to the Disney show Imagination Movers. Uncle Knit Knots is the boring neighbor of the exciting movers-- apparently Daddy has the same dull wardrobe as he does!I found this scene on her table before she took a nap. All her Disney characters in a line ready for inspection!Libs woke up from her nap very phlegm-y and having trouble breathing. After several minutes of trying to calm her down we decided that a lollipop was the best course of action.She did rebound in the evening-- playing with Grammy and Grampy and modeling various slippers.Tonight I was lucky enough to have another Mom's Night Out. My MOPS friend Christine and I both have always wanted to take cooking classes. Several months ago we decided to act on our mutual interests and schedule a class at Clarice's Candy store. Tonight we learned all about cookie decorating. I created a tea cup, teapot, cupcake, crown, and Minnie Mouse ensemble...in addition to a flower pot cookie. I wasn't able to complete the baby onesie or the margarita glass because I ran out of time. It was such a great way to spend an evening! I can't wait to share some of my new knowledge with Libi and make some more of these adorable cookies!

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