Saturday, April 11, 2009

Getting ready for the Bunny....

This morning we went to Canyon Country Park for an egg hunt. Jammy and I weren't sure what to expect, but it was actually pretty well organized!We were in the 3 and under area so there wasn't a great deal of pushing and shoving. Jammy gave Libi the pep talk of how to do an egg hunt...then it was off to the races!!! She ended up with about five eggs and lots of little chocolate her Tinkerbell bucket!She was really excited to see what was inside her plastic eggs...and to eat her chocolate eggs! Libi is much like her mother in that she simply adores anything chocolate!!!After five minutes it was all done and we were on our way home!The drive was hard because she had all these goodies in her lap and she couldn't eat any of them!We had to wait to get home and show them to Granpa and Daddy!After a nap we all got ready to dye eggs-- even Granpa got into the spirit!!!We put Libi in her learning tower in the backyard to minimize the mess.For this being her first time, she did such a nice job. We are both just slightly blue from a big splash of the blue dye, but other than that we didn't get anything but the eggs colored!She dropped them in on her own only making little splashes!It looked like she enjoyed herself!We even got Daddy....Tobee....and Granpa to join in the messy fun! Jammy was smart and just took the pictures of all of us!It was funny asking her which colors were which and watching her be silly and say the wrong colors just to see what Mommy would say!Yippee for egg decorating!!!!

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