Saturday, April 4, 2009

First day of the East Coast Trip

I know that this is a little late, but I thought it would be nice to show everyone what we've been doing this past week. Having half of the family on one coast and the other 3000 miles away was tough for us at first-- but we all had a great time!

Part 1: Heather and Ron

We flew on a red eye Friday night so we could have all Saturday in New York. Our first stop was to a boat ride around the harbor. Here are the chaperones-- all tired but ready for a full first day!The kids had tons of energy despite the long plane ride where they didn't sleep!The kids braved the cold so they could get the best view of...the Statue of Liberty!!!!Ron even did his own picture with Lady Liberty while I took a nap on the first floor of the ferry.On our way down Wall Street we encountered a protest...the kids got a great view of democracy in action. Sadly it took a lot of our time so the rest of our walking tour was rushed!We spent some time at Ground Zero. I have never really wanted to visit here-- it's simply too sad! It was amazing to see the area in person, sad and inspiring all at the same time.Next we went to the American Natural History Museum which was the inspiration for the movie Night at the Museum. Our first stop was to the dinosaurs so we could take pictures (and buy some plastic ones) for Libi!We searched the entire labrynth of the museum to find Dum Dum and have our picture taken with him.We also took our picture in front of a "mingo" mural for our little girl!After a quick shower and change at our hotel it was off to dinner. Ron was able to meet up with Kevin Khalsa, a former student, at Cucina and Company in Rockafeller Center. It was so neat to catch up with him and hear all about medical school in New York.Our musical for the year was "In the Heights" and it was GREAT!!We were all tired, but the music was peppy and the story was interesting!Our last stop of the night was Times Square for a group photo...and a couples photo!!!

Part 2: Libi

Jammy offered to take Libi to a birthday party she was invited to for Hailey Libi got dressed in her Snow White outfit for the princess themed affair.Auntie Janice and Hailey both looked so pretty in their princess finery!Libi finally got to enjoy a bouncer. She didn't have to worry about lots of kids or big kids throwing her around.We were so happy that she had such a great day!

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