Thursday, May 31, 2007

Daddy's first and last...

Today Libi and I hung out at the house most of the day. Mommy did some scrapbooking which was fun and she did lots of playing with Libi. My little girl now really laughs when I do silly things-- she is really developing her personality!

We had a really nice surprise this afternoon-- Mary Purdy dropped by for a visit. She was giving a final to a home-schooler down the street and thought she would see if we were home. This was the first time she met Libi-- fortunately Libs had just woken up from a nap and was very friendly. We chatted about Canyon and former students-- it was nice to catch up.

It was a night of firsts and lasts for Daddy tonight-- it was his last dance as ASB Director and his first yearbook dispersal. Libi and I went along for the festivities. We worked as bouncers in the yearbook room, walked around the dance outside to make sure that nobody was freak dancing, and met a lot of Daddy's students. When Libs was in the Baby Bjorn she was quite the celebrity-- many kids wanted to meet Baby Ippolito.

We just got home-- it's after 10 p.m. Daddy will be home soon and we will all go to bed. Tomorrow we will go to Weight Watchers with Bonnie, visit Mommy's school, run some errands, and pick up Jammy's car.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Libi is 19 weeks old..

Today Libi and I woke up and drove into Nana and Pop's house. It was our Wednesday lunch day today, so we got to hang out with the great-grandparents. Libs was pretty smiley until the end of the visit when her tiredness got the best of her.

We loaded back into the car and went to pick up Daddy at school. All of the folks at Rio Norte were glad to see Libi and she was passed around. We decided to go for an early dinner at Olive Garden before returning home.

Tonight we are going to hang out at home and rest. Daddy needs to get his Libi fix considering that he won't be home until after the 8th grade dance tomorrow, so he'll be very late.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday in the house...

Today Libi and I stayed in the house-- Daddy had the car at work. Libi was a trooper and slept in today. When she woke up, she just wanted to talk to her bears in her bassinet for nearly an hour-- letting Mommy get a few more moments of rest.

We did get up and play for a bit downstairs, but then Miss Libs got tired. While Mommy worked on the computer, Libs played with her giraffes. At 1 p.m. both Lib and Mommy took a nap. Mommy woke up at 2:30-- Libi didn't wake up until 4:30.

Daddy got home after 5 p.m. and then we went to return Jammy's rental car. After that quick trip, Daddy made dinner and went on Libi patrol so Mommy could take a shower. Tonight we are just hanging out at the house-- nothing exciting to report.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Libi's First Memorial Day

Today we will do something outside of the house-- we don't know what yet, but we promise to tell you all about it when we get back.

We went to Aunt Andrea's house for lunch and ate the all-American lunch of El Pollo Loco. It was fun hanging out with Aunt Violet and Aunt Andrea.

After our short visit we went to IKEA-- another American Memorial Day tradition. It was totally crazy there, so our visit was short.

We came home for a short rest, then went to the Ippolito's house for dinner. To conclude our patriotic all-American day we had a dinner of.... pizza. I guess that our activities today show what a melting place our country is and how lucky we are to have veterans who protect our right to eat ethnic food.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weekend blog...

I'm not as young as I used to be--- Friday night Daddy and I went to the 11:40 p.m. showing of Pirates 3. It was a good movie, but we didn't get out until after 2:30 a.m. which meant that we didn't get home until after 3:00 a.m. Saturday morning, I was sooooo tired! I guess that I need to see either a matinee or the 6 p.m. movie from now on :)

Saturday morning we were all getting ready for our Mother's Day photo shoot at J.C. Penney's. Aunt Andrea, Grandma Cris, Jammy, Mommy and Libs all got their pictures done together. Unfortunately, we had a 1:30 appointment but we weren't seen until 2 and the room was really hot so Libs was too unhappy to smile. We did get some cute pictures though--- and I can e-mail copies of them to anyone who wants to see them, just drop me a line at

We sat around forever waiting to see the proofs and we finally got out of Penney's at 3:30. The whole gang went to lunch after that at Red Robin. It was nice to sit around and chat with all the girls (Daddy was there too.)

Daddy and Mommy only had a few moments at home before they went out on a date night. We went to the Wadsworth theater in Westwood to see The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. It was a really cute musical that every teacher should see. Daddy was actually lucky enough to be one of four audience members chosen to be in the musical. He was on stage for almost 30 minutes of the show-- dancing with the actors, sitting next to the singing actors, and taking part in the spelling bee. He did very well, but he missed the second word by one letter.

After the show we went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory. It was nice to just sit and talk. Even though we were tired we had a great evening-- Daddy is a fun date!

Today Libi spent the morning with Jammy while Mommy and Daddy slept. Jams brought Libs up about 9:30 to wake us up so she could finish packing for her plane ride back to Stockton. It was sad to see her go after her week-long visit-- we all love when Jammy comes to town.

Daddy drove down to the airport with Jammy and Mommy, Libi and Tobee stayed behind. Daddy will get some work done at school and then return home to spend the rest of the holiday weekend with his girls.

We just spent the day in the house. Mommy and Daddy spent lots of time doting on their little girl and Mommy worked on re-decorating the house for the summer.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday in the valley...

Today Libi, Jammy and I went into the valley to have lunch and see Nana and Pop. We had a nice lunch at a BBQ restaurant and then went to see the great-grandparents. We had a nice visit, but it was short because Mommy needs a nap. Tonight we are going to see Pirate of the Caribbean 3-- it's an 11:40 p.m. show and I'm not used to staying up that late!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A day of firsts....

Today Libs had a huge day! She woke up before Daddy left for school-- today for the first time she held her bottle on her own. Mommy and Daddy both got to witness this first, and it was very exciting!! She then spent some time with Jammy and some with Mommy while they got ready. We hopped on the freeway and went to see Mickey Mouse.

We got to Disneyland and Mommy had to stand in a long line to get the tickets for Daddy's Disneyland trip. Over 570 tickets later Mommy re-joined Libi and Jams inside the park for lunch. We ate at Carnation Cafe and Libi got to meet the head chef Oscar who has been there as long as Jammy can remember.

To entertain Libs while we ate Jammy let her hold a spoon. This was the first time that Libs came into contact with this implement and it fascinated her. She loved seeing her reflection in the back of the spoon and putting her mouth on it. We got some really cute photos which are on Picasa.

We then visited the Baby Center to check out the amenities. Boy do they have everything in there-- the changing room is quite impressive with very comfy changing tables and lots of Disney artwork. We loaded Libi up in the Baby Bjorn and made our way down to see Mickey in Toontown. Unfortunately on the way to the back of the park Libi fell asleep-- again we have photos for you to see.

I wanted to see the new Nemo ride so we walked towards Tomorrowland. It looks so cute!!! They even have the seagulls who say "Mine, Mine, Mine" in the middle of the lagoon. While we were on that side of the park we decided to take Miss Libs on Buzz Lightyear. She woke up just in time to ride and she really seemed to like it. Mommy showed her how to work the laser gun and our skill helped us defeat Jammy in points!!!

We then left the Disneyland side of the park and went over to DCA for Libi's first visit. Our main mission in going to that park was to see Playhouse Disney Live on Stage. Libi really enjoys the shows she watches on the Disney Channel with Mommy and Daddy on the weekends, so we figured she would like the show. Mommy and Libi sat on the floor with all of the kids while Jammy sat in the back to take pictures.

I was so impressed with my little one-- she watched everything! She danced with Bear in the Big Blue House, took a bow with JoJo, learned about animals with Stanley, and during the Winnie the Pooh segment, she found the stage lighting on the ceiling and decided to look at that for a while. She loved the music and the other kids around her. It was so fun to see her reaction.

We did a bit of shopping and then got on the freeway to go home. Over two and half hours later we arrived home with Chi Chi's for dinner. We spent the evening telling Daddy about our adventures and relaxing from a very busy day of firsts!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Three days worth...

Monday - Libs and I went out to lunch with Mandy and Kathy-- two friends from her district office. We met at the DO and Mommy had a chance to show off Miss Libs to some of the folks there. We ate at Rattlers and Libi slept through nearly the whole lunch, which was nice for Mommy but not so good for the girls who wanted to see some of her personality.
We came home to get ready for a visit from Jammy. She arrived and got some good Libi time before we ran down to the valley to have dinner and deliver strawberries to Nan and Pop. We had a nice dinner at Chili's-- everyone there admired our cute girl.
We then spent some time at Nana and Pop's-- they appreciated getting another visit for the week. It is always fun to hang out at their house, even though Daddy was really tired!

Tuesday - Jammy and Mommy took Libi to the mall to do some browsing-- which turned to shopping. We found some darling outfits at Gymboree, JCPenney and Macy's and there were several good bargains!!!
We also opened a bank account for the little one so she can begin saving her money. It was much easier to do than I thought it would be.
Once we got home, I only had a few moments of rest before I had to run to Dream Dinners to meet Daddy. For teacher appreciation month they decided to give away free meals and being the thrifty folks that we are we decided that we should both go. Mommy was scolded for leaving Libs home with Jammy but it was much easier to assemble a meal without a 4 month old in my arms!
Mommy and Mimi went to Weight Watchers for a meeting and Jammy and Daddy watched Libi. While Mommy was at the meeting (finding out she lost 6.8 lbs.) Libi reached out for Tobee for the first time. According to my sources, Tobee didn't quite know what to do and backed away. I guess Tobee is used to being the one to initiate things and our little one is starting to turn the tables.
We had a nice dinner together as a family and watched the American Idol. I don't know who I'm pulling for at this moment. I guess that I'm still holding out for Melinda Doolittle to win.

Wednesday - Libi is 18 weeks old today. Time is really flying and she is growing by leaps and bounds. Today Jammy and I took her to Nana and Pop's house for our Wednesday lunch. Libi was quite the screecher creature today--she did a lot of talking to Nana and Pop.
Libi and I went to Daddy's 8th grade awards night to see our favorite kids getting honored. It was nice to see Aunt Gina, Uncle John and lots of parents. We grabbed a quick dinner on the way home and are currently watching American Idol.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday with Daddy....

Mommy got to sleep in today while Daddy was on Libi patrol. Once Mommy woke up, the family watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and ate breakfast. We lazed around the house again today-- Libi, Daddy and Tobee took naps. Mommy was able to spend some time on the computer and do a few scrapbook pages.

This evening we will go to dinner at the Ippolito's house.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Daddy's finally home!

Today we are all hanging out at the house-- after another late night at school it is nice to have everyone home for the day. Mommy is doing housework and scrapbooking in between and Daddy is making up for some lost Libi time. We have a few errands to run, but for the most part today we will be at the house.

We had a great relaxing day with only one trip out of the house. We made a run to Smart and Final to grab some groceries. We also picked up dinner while we were out.

While we ate we watched Dreamgirls and Libi kicked along through most of the movie-- towards the end she even sang (Mommy is excited to have a girl who likes to sing.)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Spring Cleaning day...

Today Libi and I are doing nothing today except Spring Cleaning. She and I have done laundry, cleaning in her room, and cleaning in our room with lots of playtime in between. It has been a great day-- the kitchen in clean, all our laundry is clean, Libi's room is re-organized, and I'm working on cleaning the master bedroom.

I think that Libi and I have both enjoyed a day with nowhere to go and nothing to do. We are waiting for Daddy to get home from Raging Waters so we can have dinner. Tonight we will watch a movie or Mommy will do some scrapbooking while Daddy bonds with his girl.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The post shots day...

Miss Libs was pretty tuckered out after her shots yesterday. She slept off and on from the moment we got back from the doctor's office. Last night she was a bit restless, but she slept solidly from 10:30 p.m. to 9:30 a.m. with one diaper change at 6:30 a.m.

This morning she is back to her happy self, but we will continue to administer the Tylenol to prevent any fever. We are just resting this morning before I have to go to a meeting at school. We will then head to Nan and Pop's for dinner while Daddy is working the 6th grade round-up.

The parent meeting at school took a great deal longer than I hoped for, but I did get to have lunch with all of my teacher friends. It was fun having them pass Libi around-- she loved meeting all the new people. While I was in the meeting three of my students (Lucas, Juan, and Jasen) walked Libs around until she fell asleep. She slept through most of the meeting, which was good because it wasn't really any place for a baby-- there was lots of strife.

We stopped off at home to grab Tobee and then headed down to the valley. It was nice seeing Nana and Pop at a different time of the day. Miss Libs squeaked and warbled away during her kicky time. Mercifully, she has not had any reaction to her shots yesterday, so she has been in good spirits all night long. After a yummy chicken dinner, we headed home.

Daddy didn't get home until nearly ten o'clock but Lib waited to see him. After a few moments play time with Daddy we all went to bed. I am still mourning the fact that Melinda will not be an American Idol, but she's a winner in my book!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Libi's 4 month check-up...

Today Libi is 17 weeks old! It is amazing how fast time flies. Libi and I slept in this morning, but when she woke up she was chatty and happy.

We met Daddy and the Gibb family at Chi Chi's for lunch this afternoon. It was nice for them to meet our little one. They passed her around while we ate and she was a perfect baby! She wore her cute overall outfit that they sent over when she was born and it still fits.

Daddy went back to school for a meeting and Libs and I came home to get ready for a visit to Dr. V. We had an hour wait before we saw the doctor, but Libi enjoyed watching all of the other kids in the waiting room.

Libi has another clean bill of health from her doctor. She is now 25 1/2 inches long and 14 lbs. 9 1/2 oz heavy. She had her second round of shots today and she did reasonably well. The doctor does them so quickly that she doesn't have a ton of time to complain, but she did cry during 3 out of the four shots.

She fell asleep in the car on the way home and has been in and out of it since then. We are getting ready to eat dinner, we will watch American Idol and then we will go to bed.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday at Nana and Pop's house...

Due to some other appointments tomorrow, we went to Nana and Pop's house today. Little Miss Libs slept in very late today-- she only woke up at 6:30 to have her diaper changed then went back out until 9:30 a.m. We got on the road after 10 a.m.

It was a normal day at the great-grandparents house-- we talked, ate, and looked at Libi. She was very talkative late in the visit, which Nana enjoyed.

We came home and Libi took a nap while I worked on the computer. Daddy got home late, but he got some quality time with Miss Libs when I went to Weight Watchers. Yes, I'm going back! After my huge success last time I got off track, but I'm back to being focused so watch out!

Tonight we watched American Idol as we ate a very late Mexican meal. I'm hoping for two girls in the final, but you never know!

Monday, May 14, 2007

A perfect Mother's Day...

Yesterday I joined a very exclusive club-- it was my first Mother's Day. It was a perfect day! We started off the morning at Nana and Pop's house for a terrific brunch. We enjoyed breakfast, gifts, and special family time! Jammy got a new camera, so she had fun taking lots of cute pictures of Libs-- you can see them on Picasa.

We came home around noon and Libs and I prepared the house for Grandma Cris' dinner while Daddy went to school to do some work. My girl was so happy all day-- it was the perfect gift.

I made a Dream Dinner for our guests-- God bless Dream Dinners. We had a really nice meal-- pork roast, garlic mashed potatoes, biscuits, green beans (yes, I ate green beans), pasta, cherries, and ice cream cake. We played games, opened gifts, and enjoyed each others company.

Today we helped out at Mint Canyon in the book fair-- Mommy used to help Jammy at St. M's all the time, so she makes a pretty good volunteer. We were there most of the day and Libi was a perfect angel. I think she really enjoyed meeting all of Mommy's friends and seeing all the kids.

When we got home, we took a nice nap until Daddy came home. This evening Libi tried her kicky keyboard. She seemed to get the connection between her kicking and the music. Tonight we are just hanging out at the house and we may watch Dreamgirls.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wow am I behind!!!

Let's rewind and see if I can take you through the past few days...

Thursday -
Daddy was at work forever today-- he didn't get home until after 8 p.m. This time of year is his busy season, so Libs and I have to fend for ourselves some nights.
Libs and I kept it pretty low key today, we hung around the house, did some cleaning, posted some photos, and rested. The most exciting thing that happened today was Miss Libs sat up tripod style on her own today. Mommy was lucky enough to have the camera right next to her, so she caught pictures of it happening.

Friday -
We began the morning by making a short trip to Mint Canyon. Libs got to visit with Mommy's friends at school and she got to meet many students.
In the afternoon we had a really nice visit with Mommy's friend Dolly ( the lady with whom she did the yearbook.) She brought me a lovely teacher appreciation luncheon complete with gift (Lucas knows that chocolates are my favorites!) She also brought Libs two darling outfits-- one of which she will wear when she meets her relatives tomorrow.
Daddy was late again today and as soon as he got home we drove down to Nana and Pop's house to see Jammy and Granpa. It was such a nice dinner and it is always fun to hang out with the family. Jammy and Granpa were both amazed at how much Libs has changed since they saw her last.

Saturday -
Daddy gave Mommy a rare treat last night-- he was on night patrol! While Mommy woke up every time Libs stirred, Daddy took care of all the hard stuff. It was good for him to see what it feels like to be up with Libs for the hour in the wee hours of the morning while she eats her bottle.
Daddy ran some errands and Mommy and Libs hung out at the house at watched Lilo and Stitch. Libi liked the action of the hula dancers especially-- Mommy told her that we would go to Hawaii when she got older!
Once he got home we quickly got ready and headed down to Burbank for Jorge and Rosalba's wedding reception. We were so excited to have Libi meet Great Grandma Blanca's relatives. Unfortunately, Libi only lasted about 30 minutes before we had to get her out of there. Something really upset our little girl and she screamed for over 20 minutes. It was really scary for Daddy and I to hear her scream like that. We tried everything we could to calm her down-- we changed her diaper, we changes her outfit, we gave her a bottle, we rocked her, we put her on her back and then on her tummy, we checked her for rashes, bruises, bumps, scratches, we did it all.... nothing worked.
Mommy got so flustered that she began to cry, so Daddy figured we should just leave. It was sad that Libi didn't get to meet many people up close and personal, but we will do better next time. Once we got her in the car, she settled down a bit.
We drove over to Nana and Pop's house to see them briefly, but we agreed that if she carried on again that we should take her home and call Dr. V. Once she saw Granpa, she smiled and fell asleep on his belly. She spent most of the visit asleep on one of her grandparents. Mommy and Daddy were relieved that she was calm and happy. It was also nice to eat-- we didn't get to eat lunch today and we didn't make it through enough of the reception to get to the food. Nana fixed hot dogs and we ate with the family.
We are now home resting up for Mother's Day. Sorry that I was so far behind, but things just got away from me :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Van Nuys day...

This morning Libi woke up happy, as she does most days. When I told her it was our day to visit Nana and Pop so smiled and giggled-- Tobee was waiting at the front door, ready to get in the car.

Our drive down was uneventful-- Libi sang along with Mommy and chewed on her fist. and Tobee barked at motorcycles and pedestrians. When we arrived, Libs had lots of smiles for her great-grandparents. We spent a great deal of time on the patio-- until the gardeners came. Libi loved laying on the cushions on the patio floor watching the fan and the leaves blow.

This afternoon Libi played with her giraffe rattles in her bouncy chair while Mommy did some scrapbooking. She finally went down for a good nap at about the time Daddy came home. She spent most of dinner asleep on Daddy's arm and is currently in her bassinet sleeping some more (she didn't want to miss out on anything at Nana and Pop's so she refused to nap.)

Tonight we are going to go see the Phillips family and then watch American Idol before bed.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Our day with the Phillips family...

Today Libi and I woke up a little late-- we both wanted to sleep in. We ate, dressed and headed to Rio Norte to take Daddy some things he left at home. It was a quick visit-- only long enough for Daddy to see Libs in her cute outfit. Coincidentally, today Libs began wearing her 3-6 month clothes-- she can still wear most of her 0-3 but she's getting too long for many of them.

After we left Daddy we went to spent some time with Bonnie and Jim aka Mimi and PopPop. Mimi's mom, Marge, was having an outpatient surgery done and we went to keep them company. It took longer than expected, but it was nice to spend some time with Libi's godparents.

We met Daddy at BJ's for dinner. It was fun to go out and catch up with Daddy and to eat potato skins. Tonight is American Idol and then we'll turn in early!

P.S. Our clip is now on Your L.A.! It is listed under the Nanny School-- go watch it! Libi is wearing her Gymboree red floral outfit and I'm in a brown shirt and jeans.

Monday, May 7, 2007

A perfect day with Libi...

Today we are doing really well. Libi has been smiley and perfectly behaved. She has taken two really good naps allowing me to continue to organize my scrapbook room. We have had a good time today playing with her bug toy and flying above the sofa. We are currently waiting for Daddy to come home for more fun tonight.

Libi just made her TV debut! Over a week ago we went to the Nanny School to tape a YourLA segment and it was on today. Pop called to let us know, so we didn't see the whole thing. They usually post their segments on their website:

Our clip has yet to be posted, but we will let you know when it is on. They got several clips of Libi and I-- it was very exciting!

We rounded out the night out with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Ippolito. It was nice for them to spend time with Libs-- and it gave Mommy a chance to do more organization in her scrapbook room and Daddy a chance to work.

After a late dinner the whole family watched some TV and then went off to bed.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A productive day...

Today was very good for Mommy, even though last night was not. Libi was restless most of the night which meant that Mommy didn't sleep much. When Libs woke up for good at 8 a.m. Daddy took her downstairs so Mommy could get a bit more sleep-- she only got a half hour in before the phone started ringing.

Today we just stayed in! Daddy made breakfast and lunch and Mommy worked more in the bonus room. I have been bitten by the spring cleaning bug for my scrapbook room/ office. Today finally I struck organization (after a trip to Pasadena to get more storage containers.)

While I have been working Libs has spent the day bonding with Daddy and being carried in the Baby Bjorn so he can keep on working. Tonight we will try to watch the Queen before our guilty obsession The Girls Next Door comes on.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

HEY! The first part of the day is actually a Libi and DADDY adventure, since Mommy went off to the Autism Crop this morning. Libs and I woke up around 8:30, so it was great to sleep in. Daddy, Libi and Tobee all went downstairs, and we all had a little breakfast.

We tuned into the Disney Channel in time to watch a couple episodes of one of our favorite shows, The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." We sang along with the songs, and helped Mickey on each of his missions. After that, we played a little on the Fisher-Price website where we played interactive Peek-a-Boo and an Animal Alphabet game. We sang the alphabet song three times in a row!

Libs was starting to fuss a little so we left the computer and just walked around the house for a little bit. Libs fell asleep on Daddy's shoulder, which gave Daddy some time to clean up the kitchen. After her short nap, Libi watched the E! True Hollywood Story of Lionel and Nicole Richie. Libs was interested in the Commodores, and Lionel Richie's early life, but once Nicole started getting into drugs as a teenager, we decided to go take another walk around the house.

Daddy put Libi back into the Baby Bjorn, and we swept the kitchen floor and Daddy answered a few e-mails. After a little more work on the computer, Libs fell asleep again, and Daddy carefully placed her back in the bassinet, this time so he could go through the yearbook applications for next year.

Libs only slept for about 25 minutes, but right after she woke up, Aunt Andrea came by. Andrea got to play with both Libs and Tobee until Grandma Cris got to the house about 15 minutes later, and we all went out for lunch to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Don Cuco's. After lunch, Daddy and Libi brought Andrea and Grandma back to the house and we were so excited to have Mommy back home! Grandma and Andrea took Libi and Tobee outside for a walk around the neighborhood, and then left to head back down to Grandma and Grandpa Ippolito's house. OK, now here's Mommy's turn . . .

Mommy had fun at the Autism Crop with Mimi (aka Bonnie, Libi's godmother), Dobbin and Jen. It was nice to be able to crop for nearly six hours uninterrupted. I finished nearly all of Libi's style book to date, but of course the book will grow as Libi's closet grows.

When Mommy got home everyone was gone--they were all still out to lunch. When they got home Mommy showed Daddy all the pages she had done while Grandma Cris and Aunt Andrea took Libs and Tobee for a walk.

We spent some quality time together this afternoon-- Libi fell asleep on Mommy's shoulder, Mommy read People magazine and Daddy worked on the computer. When she woke up we gave her a bath and put her in Mommy's first Christmas dress which served as Libi's Cinco de Mayo dress.

Daddy made the sacrifice and returned to Don Cuco's so Mommy could have some Mexican food. It was lots of fun there with the mariachi's and all the people. On the way home, we stopped by Blockbuster to exchange some old DVD's for new ones. When we got home we watched one of our new DVD's called Borat-- it didn't last very long with Daddy and it lasted even less time with Mommy! It was not one of our favorites.

We are now all in bed and I am blogging while Daddy takes his turn to get Libi to fall asleep. I have been trying since 8:30 all to no avail. It is now quarter to 10-- perhaps Daddy will have the magic touch.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Two firsts yesterday...

It was a big day yesterday for Miss Libs. We went to Rio Norte to surprise Daddy-- unfortunately he was out with Grandpa. It ended up being a really fun thing-- Mommy got lunch from Chipotle and Libi got to see Grandpa.

We went to her first Mommy and Me class at the Nanny School. It was nice to spend some time with Aunt Ann-Marie and the other Mommy's. We sat around and chatted and then sang some songs.

We then spent some time at home with Daddy before we took Libi to her first musical. The kids at Rio Norte were putting on the musical Oklahoma. It was a great night with several of my favorite kids in leading roles-- Stephen was Curly, Christian was Will, and John was the traveling salesman, Ali Hakim. Libi dressed in her finest cowgirl gear for the occasion. She loved all of the action and the music-- it was so fun to see!

This morning we are just resting. Libi has been very smiley. We are resting up from our very big week. Mommy has been doing lots of laundry and trying to straighten up.

Well, the straightening up didn't last very long-- Libi fell asleep on top of me for nearly three hours this afternoon. She definitely caught up on her sleep today after her busy week.

This evening I made a quick dinner before Daddy had to go back to school to check on Oklahoma. Mommy quickly tried to pack up her scrapbooking stuff in the hour he was home, but I needed a bit more time. Grandma Cris was nice enough to come over to give Mommy more time to get her stuff together for her crop tomorrow.

We are watching Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt with Libi-- she likes the colors on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the funny things that Mommy and Daddy do during the show. We will go to bed soon and report on another adventure tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Windy Wednesday...

Mommy slept much better last night-- possibly because Daddy gave her a back rub before bed. It shouldn't be the same as working, but I'm equally as tight in the neck and shoulders being a full time mom. Maybe it's lugging all of Libs stuff all over town, maybe it's the new sleeping positions so I can see her in her bassinet from bed-- I don't know but I'm really sore!

Today we went to Nana and Pop's house for Wednesday lunch. Libi was full of smiles for her great-grandparents. We put her in the grass in their backyard for the first time. She loved running her fingers through the grass and Tobee liked the fact that Libs was on her level to lick! We had a nice lunch and visit.

When we got home we ran next store to visit with Jackie and Preston. It was fun having the kids see each other-- they are getting more and more aware of one another. We got to see Preston's nursery and, of course, Foxy. It was nice chatting about her pregnancy and Preston's milestones.

Libi finally took a good nap this afternoon while I watched Ellen. Tonight we will eat a pasta dinner, watch the results show of American Idol, and go to sleep.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Jammy!

Today is Grammy Jammy's Birthday! We will call her later today and sing to her-- hopefully Libi will warble along.

Libi had a great night-- I wish I could say the same. I'm not sleeping well at all. Daddy isn't having any trouble, he happily snores through the night.

We are going to Aunt Andrea's for lunch today-- we'll write more later.

On the way to Aunt Andrea's house we stopped by Babies R US to look for a foot keyboard for my kicky girl. We didn't find that toy but we saw a lot of cute patriotic outfits-- maybe when we clear out some of the 0-3 months she is outgrowing we can get some.

It was a lot of fun hanging out with Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet. Both of them showered Libi with attention all throughout lunch. Aunt Andrea made a yummy chicken salad croissant for lunch and she made neat looking desserts, although Mommy didn't try any of it.

On the way home we were in the middle of a high speed chase. When we got off on Sierra Highway we saw 7 cop cars with their lights flashing following a brown car-- he made an illegal u-turn and went back onto the on-ramp leaving a cloud of dust behind. We turned on the news as soon as we got home to see him surrender-- he is suspected of armed robbery... maybe Jammy will be asked to be on his trial!