Friday, May 4, 2007

Two firsts yesterday...

It was a big day yesterday for Miss Libs. We went to Rio Norte to surprise Daddy-- unfortunately he was out with Grandpa. It ended up being a really fun thing-- Mommy got lunch from Chipotle and Libi got to see Grandpa.

We went to her first Mommy and Me class at the Nanny School. It was nice to spend some time with Aunt Ann-Marie and the other Mommy's. We sat around and chatted and then sang some songs.

We then spent some time at home with Daddy before we took Libi to her first musical. The kids at Rio Norte were putting on the musical Oklahoma. It was a great night with several of my favorite kids in leading roles-- Stephen was Curly, Christian was Will, and John was the traveling salesman, Ali Hakim. Libi dressed in her finest cowgirl gear for the occasion. She loved all of the action and the music-- it was so fun to see!

This morning we are just resting. Libi has been very smiley. We are resting up from our very big week. Mommy has been doing lots of laundry and trying to straighten up.

Well, the straightening up didn't last very long-- Libi fell asleep on top of me for nearly three hours this afternoon. She definitely caught up on her sleep today after her busy week.

This evening I made a quick dinner before Daddy had to go back to school to check on Oklahoma. Mommy quickly tried to pack up her scrapbooking stuff in the hour he was home, but I needed a bit more time. Grandma Cris was nice enough to come over to give Mommy more time to get her stuff together for her crop tomorrow.

We are watching Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt with Libi-- she likes the colors on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the funny things that Mommy and Daddy do during the show. We will go to bed soon and report on another adventure tomorrow.

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