Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wow am I behind!!!

Let's rewind and see if I can take you through the past few days...

Thursday -
Daddy was at work forever today-- he didn't get home until after 8 p.m. This time of year is his busy season, so Libs and I have to fend for ourselves some nights.
Libs and I kept it pretty low key today, we hung around the house, did some cleaning, posted some photos, and rested. The most exciting thing that happened today was Miss Libs sat up tripod style on her own today. Mommy was lucky enough to have the camera right next to her, so she caught pictures of it happening.

Friday -
We began the morning by making a short trip to Mint Canyon. Libs got to visit with Mommy's friends at school and she got to meet many students.
In the afternoon we had a really nice visit with Mommy's friend Dolly ( the lady with whom she did the yearbook.) She brought me a lovely teacher appreciation luncheon complete with gift (Lucas knows that chocolates are my favorites!) She also brought Libs two darling outfits-- one of which she will wear when she meets her relatives tomorrow.
Daddy was late again today and as soon as he got home we drove down to Nana and Pop's house to see Jammy and Granpa. It was such a nice dinner and it is always fun to hang out with the family. Jammy and Granpa were both amazed at how much Libs has changed since they saw her last.

Saturday -
Daddy gave Mommy a rare treat last night-- he was on night patrol! While Mommy woke up every time Libs stirred, Daddy took care of all the hard stuff. It was good for him to see what it feels like to be up with Libs for the hour in the wee hours of the morning while she eats her bottle.
Daddy ran some errands and Mommy and Libs hung out at the house at watched Lilo and Stitch. Libi liked the action of the hula dancers especially-- Mommy told her that we would go to Hawaii when she got older!
Once he got home we quickly got ready and headed down to Burbank for Jorge and Rosalba's wedding reception. We were so excited to have Libi meet Great Grandma Blanca's relatives. Unfortunately, Libi only lasted about 30 minutes before we had to get her out of there. Something really upset our little girl and she screamed for over 20 minutes. It was really scary for Daddy and I to hear her scream like that. We tried everything we could to calm her down-- we changed her diaper, we changes her outfit, we gave her a bottle, we rocked her, we put her on her back and then on her tummy, we checked her for rashes, bruises, bumps, scratches, we did it all.... nothing worked.
Mommy got so flustered that she began to cry, so Daddy figured we should just leave. It was sad that Libi didn't get to meet many people up close and personal, but we will do better next time. Once we got her in the car, she settled down a bit.
We drove over to Nana and Pop's house to see them briefly, but we agreed that if she carried on again that we should take her home and call Dr. V. Once she saw Granpa, she smiled and fell asleep on his belly. She spent most of the visit asleep on one of her grandparents. Mommy and Daddy were relieved that she was calm and happy. It was also nice to eat-- we didn't get to eat lunch today and we didn't make it through enough of the reception to get to the food. Nana fixed hot dogs and we ate with the family.
We are now home resting up for Mother's Day. Sorry that I was so far behind, but things just got away from me :)

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