Monday, November 30, 2009

My old stomping grounds...

Libi and I layed low most of the day, saving energy for our big excursion this afternoon. Ron and I purchased tickets to the Princess and the Frog exclusive engagement at the Disney Studios-- my old workplace. We didn't tell Libi-- mostly because we knew we would hear about it too much in the days before the event.

Ron rushed home and we loaded into the car and drove down to Burbank. Libs fell asleep on the way and when she woke up, we told her what we were doing. She was so excited! She jumped out of her carseat and happily tromped through the studio.

Our first stop was the prop house. They had several things on display from Pirates of the Carribean and other live action films. It was also where they sold consessions-- becuase what is a movie without popcorn??

Libi posed for a picture by the sign and then we were off to walk through the studio to the theater.

We stopped for a quick picture near Studio 3 where the after movie festivities were going to take place.

We rounded the corner to the theater and a pleasant surprise was waiting for us-- Mr. Mickey Mouse. Libs was super happy to see him-- he is one of her oldest and dearest friends after all.

We had to check our cameras before entering the theater (the movie hasn't even been released yet) so we took pictures of the theater after the movie let out.

Let me say that this movie is visually stunning! The music was wonderful-- my toes were tapping during much of the film. The story is heartwarming and the moral is a good one! I don't want to spill any beans, but both Ron and I cried-- I even think Libi was thinking about it. A very touching film-- one that we would see again in a heartbeat!!!

Next it was off to the experience section. They had games, cupcakes, an art center, an animator who taught you how to draw the characters from the movie, an obstacle course, and EVERY Disney princess available for a photo op. Needless to say, our little princess was THRILLED!!! She gave Daddy tons of hugs and kisses for getting us tickets to this fun event!

Some of the princesses had lines, but Libi and Daddy didn't mind-- they were short (nothing like the Princess Faire at Disneyland) and they had the music from the movie piped into the buidling so they could dance!

Libs tried the obstacle course, but she kept getting stuck in the foam water. I think that she would have enjoyed it more if she was a bit older!

Well here we go with the princesses! There was Ariel (our first stop!),

Sleeping Beauty,

(Libi wore her princess dress which was quite a conversation piece with all of the princesses. Especially becuase it had the princess and the frog on the bottom.)



Snow White-- who danced around the stage with Libi,



Cinderella, and

the newest princess-- Tiana!!!!

Libi struck her best princess pose per Tiana's request!

We were all so smitten with the movie that we got a family photo too :)

It was such fun for me to be back on the lot. I didn't get near the store or see any of my old buddies but the feeling is the same! I would give anything to work for the Mouse again-- except time with Ron and Libi. Perhaps some day I will get back there!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Decking the halls...

Today we stayed in our PJ's all day long!!! We spent the whole day decorating the tree, the house, and getting things ready for our Advent celebration.

Libi was thrilled that we brought in a whole truck-load of new books for her.

Daddy isn't happy that we have 5 boxes of Christmas books that live in the garage 11 months out of the year... but Libi is thoroughly enjoying them!!

Our tree is finally done!! Libi did the bottom section, so it is HEAVILY decked out!

Tonight I brought the children in. Libi immediately insisted on a picture with them-- I'm not sure she knows the difference yet between our characters and the ones at Disneyland.

Case in point: after the picture she thanked them all and gave them each a kiss and a pat.

We are all getting very excited about Christmas!!!

Funny new game that Ron and Libi are playing:

Ron- Who is my favorite little girl in the whole wide world?

Libi- Hmmm. Mommy?

Ron- No, try again.

Libi- Tobee

Ron- No, try again.

Libi- Grampy. Jammy. Miss Tasha. an apple. etc. She goes on and on and the response from Ron is always the same: Try again!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Getting in the holiday spirit...

Today was a major cleaning/decorating day at the Ippolito house.

Ron even taught Libi how to vacuum-- I can't wait to take advantage of this new skill :)

I think I need to adopt her way of thinking that cleaning is a fun game-- because after years of doing it, it's not so much fun any more.

Lucas kindly volunteered to come help us set up the behemoth of a tree that we have.

It was so nice for me to just watch the assembly ( and take pictures of course) and to not have to lug it around with Ron.

You gotta love a pre-lit tree!!!

Libi was taking her nap while it was being set up, so when she came downstairs she was enchanted to see the new addition to the living room.

She kept saying things like: "Amazing", "Wonderful", "Look, look!!"-- it was darling to watch!

Libi had the honor of putting the first ornament on the tree-- it was the Toy Story ornament she chose at the Hallmark open house as her ornament for the year.

After a visit from Grammy and Grampy Libi wanted to do more decorating, but Mommy had had enough! We will hopefully finish up tomorrow!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet come for a visit...

Today we were lucky enough to be visited by Libi's favorite Aunts AND Gizmo!

Libs just loves that they have a child-sized dog that she can carry around.

She was fascinated with the sweater too. I don't think we will be trying that with Tobee-- even though Libi tries to accessorize her with tiaras and necklaces.

Poor Gizmo simply looked terrified every time Libi got her hands on him-- but he never really complained about it.

It went much better for all concerned when they just sat on the sofa together.

They had quite a nice long conversation with each other...

which ended in some smooching!

Libi was a very gracious hostess-- trying to engage Gizmo with her toys...

She even introduced him to all of her characters-- he was less than interested.

Her final act with Gizmo was to take him for a ride in her shopping cart-- she loved it, he didn't!

Once they left Libi felt inspired to dress Tobee-- she's been such a good sport lately! We are so lucky to have such a sweet dog!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Ippolito family!

Today we were happy to celebrate, but we were sad that Jammy wasn't able to join us.

Libi was so happy to find that Nana had set up a new tree just for her!

There were presents and lots of bows-- but more on those later.

When we arrived and found Granpa there Libs was so excited! She had to show him (and Nana and Pop) her new boo-boos. She fell at school yesterday and skinned both knees.

Libi also took her head-dress to share with the family.

It wouldn't be a visit without a trike ride around the house pushed by Pop.

Libi took her new car set (which was a potty bribe) to show Nana. Nana showed Libi how to race them on the kitchen floor-- sometimes she's a bad influence :)

We cheated a little bit for dinner... Boston Market made most of our food and we simply re-heated it. We did have a few home-made things: Nana did deviled eggs and stuffing and I made cranberry sauce and a chocolate chip pie.

Libi was a huge fan of everything on her plate!

While Pop and I were cleaning the kitchen a little girl was playing in the TV room all alone. She came to say hello to me and I saw this sight! I was mortified because I wasn't sure where the bows came from. I made her show Nana and she just laughed and said it was fine-- the things you get to do at your great-grandparents house!

In honor of her potty achievements, Jammy sent new day of the week panties.

Libi was thrilled that they each had a different animal on them.

For dessert Libi re-set the table with a little help from Pop.

Dessert was enjoyed by all!

Since Jammy was working today we got to do a little conference call with her. We put her on speaker phone so we could all chat. It was nice to hear about her day, but we missed having her at the table with us.

Daddy created another monster by showing Libi how to take pictures on his iPhone. Libi took about a dozen pictures of all of us-- mostly from the nose down or very blurred. We can't wait to see what she does with her Christmas present.

Granpa was such fun to play with tonight! We are so happy he came down-- even if it was only a 24 hour visit.