Sunday, November 22, 2009

Libi's first stay at the D-Land Hotel

Our day was pretty uneventful today. We stayed very close to home to continue on the quest. Daddy ran around all over town trying to get ready for his two days away from school.

We left much later than we wanted to for Disneyland. The plan was to head into the park before checking in to our big surprise hotel-- the Disneyland Hotel. However, we didn't get to Anaheim until after 9 p.m. and we hadn't eaten dinner yet.

So in place of seeing fireworks and snow at the park, we went to the ESPN Zone. Not my favorite place for a quiet dinner with a thousand large TV's blaring the latest sports news, but I was hungry and the burger was tasty!

Neither Ron nor I had stayed at the Disneyland Hotel in years, so we were really excited to see all of the changes. Forgive me for a few moments while I show you the details of our gorgeous room:

The headboard was beautifully carved,

the comforter had rides sketched between the floral spreads.

My two favorites were the carousel...

and the train station.

The cabinet that held the TV and fridge had a complete map of the park on opening day.

In the bathroom Sneezy is keeping watch over the tissues.

Gotta love the Disney-themed toiletries.

Mickey holds the lights in the bathroom and if you look really closely you can see Disney topiaries on the wallpaper.

Perhaps Libi's favorite detail was Tinkerbell flying around the top of the room spreading pixie dust on us.

It was a very late night for this princess-- so night night!