Thursday, November 19, 2009

No more diapers....

Warning: the following message is full of potty-ness. If you don't want to read about Libi's experiences on her first day of potty training we will not be offended if you skip this one :)

Miss Carole warned me that Libi was going to probably have to be a cold-turkey potty trained kid. After waiting for the most perfect time, I decided that today was as good as any. I had been telling Libi all week that Thursday would be panty day-- not more diapers after today. So here is the picture of my new world....

our final diaper next to a massive pile of panties.

I spent my entire day in the bathroom with Libi. She would sit like a trooper on the potty, but nothing would come. We had several accidents and with both Libi and I being sick we were not having the best day.

Once Daddy finally got home after drama auditions we let him in on the fun!!!

Here's hoping that tomorrow we will not only feel better, but that Libi gets the hang of this potty thing.

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