Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hugs for everyone!

This was the way I first saw Libi-- all disheveled with her hair half in and half out. I guess school was really fun today!

Today my sweet girl wouldn't leave school without giving hugs to EVERY person on the yard.

She was also very proud to show me her daily report, which said she was a good helper!

Her shirt says it like it is: She is so loved!

It was election day today, so we all went to vote.

We also supported the Rio Norte band by having dinner at MiMi's. Poor Libi heard the name of the restaurant and thought we were going to see Bonnie and Jim.

Libi takes after her Daddy and is a real sauce lover. We ordered beignets for dessert and it came with three sauces. Libi didn't care about the beignets, she just wanted the strawberry sauce.

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