Friday, November 20, 2009

Potty training Day 2

Today we tried a new approach with potty training... we moved the potty into the living room. I know that it wasn't the best place for a toilet, but we didn't have to run down the hall when nature called and Libi could relax and watch her Elmo potty DVD while on the potty.

We were both in much better spirits today after our rather heinous day yesterday. After our experiences on Thursday, I am sad to announce that I am no longer in the running for Mother of the Year award-- my attitude and reactions to my potty challenged daughter were not award-worthy! I hope that Libi will not remember days like these, but I hope that they are few and far between.

Finally at 12:32 in the afternoon we had a break-through-- she pee-pee'd on the potty!!!!!!!!

As a reward she got to select a cookie from my cookie class... whatever works!!!

Libi kept her spirits high by dressing up in between required stints sitting on the potty.

We decided to venture out to a MOPS field trip to the Festival of Trees. I brought about 7,000 extra changes of clothes just in case we had any accidents. We carried our potty seat with us and asked about a thousand times if she needed to go potty.

Libi got to meet Santa and she wasn't a huge fan.

She wanted to ask him what kind of cookies he wanted on Christmas Eve, but she never got close to him.

Mommy had to step in to translate for Santa since my daughter began speaking at whisper when she got close to Mr. Claus.

There were tons of fun trees, but Libi loved the Nightmare Before Christmas one.

We stopped by the craft area for a bit and Libs had a great time putting stickers on her tree.

One last stop at the cookie decorating station before we headed out for dinner.

I am thrilled to report that there were no accidents during our entire evening out!! Maybe we will survive this phase :)

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Stace&Lis said...

No accidents on your whole evening out??? Wow!!! GREAT job, Libi! And I will say that moving the potty to the tile floor near the playroom was our best move - so hopefully it will continue to do the trick for you!