Friday, November 27, 2009

Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet come for a visit...

Today we were lucky enough to be visited by Libi's favorite Aunts AND Gizmo!

Libs just loves that they have a child-sized dog that she can carry around.

She was fascinated with the sweater too. I don't think we will be trying that with Tobee-- even though Libi tries to accessorize her with tiaras and necklaces.

Poor Gizmo simply looked terrified every time Libi got her hands on him-- but he never really complained about it.

It went much better for all concerned when they just sat on the sofa together.

They had quite a nice long conversation with each other...

which ended in some smooching!

Libi was a very gracious hostess-- trying to engage Gizmo with her toys...

She even introduced him to all of her characters-- he was less than interested.

Her final act with Gizmo was to take him for a ride in her shopping cart-- she loved it, he didn't!

Once they left Libi felt inspired to dress Tobee-- she's been such a good sport lately! We are so lucky to have such a sweet dog!

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