Sunday, November 8, 2009

A perfect day for dressing up

Today we hung out at the house! It was a welcome change of pace for us after such a busy week!

Libi and I did some dressing up while Ron went to get my car cleaned (that's all I wanted for my Birthday!)

Once I put the hot pink wig on, Libi decided to be the photographer...

after she got a few shots of Tobee.

Tobee appears to be a very patient subject-- you can't hear her growls of frustration in this picture.

I think we've created a monster-- I can't wait to see what she does with the camera Santa's bringing her.

In order to select the perfect dressing up outfit you must first spread them all over the living room floor...

then you put one outfit over another-- to give it lots of poof! I think she was trying to be Cinderella here, hence the broom.

No princess would be complete without a tiara.

Here's what I looked like in the pink wig-- I think I know what I'll be asking Cassie to do when I see her in December ;)

When I took the picture of Libi with the camera, she took this one of me. Not bad for a 2 year-old!

Love her little hand movements when she starts twirling and dancing!

Next it was time to accessorize. Note the baseball necklace with the Tinkerbell purse.

We spent a lot of our photo shoot time practicing looking directly at the camera-- this is a skill we need to work on.

In the evening Ron took me on a "Mystery Date" complete with blindfold. In my head I was thinking that he was going to take me to one of the restaurants in LA on our must visit list. (Due to all of our Bravo and Food Network watching we have a list of places around the U.S. that we want to eat in.) I was envisioning myself dining in a famous chef's restaurant with my cute hubby. Once I felt the car turn from the 14 freeway to the 5, I knew I was sunk!! My heart dropped as I realized my fine dining experience would be a Claim Jumper or Chili's. Not that I don't enjoy those places, but when you have your mind set on something fancier they are kind of a let down.

We just kept driving and driving until I had no clue where we were. Finally the car stopped and I was lead into a house where I found....

my girlfriends from MOPS!!! They very sweetly planned a party for me to let me know that they were my "3 a.m. girls!"-- meaning that if I needed something in the middle of the night, they would be there for me.
I was completely blown away by the fact that all these women took the time out of their busy schedules to help me celebrate my birthday. I was even more gobsmacked that Stacy planned the whole thing-- she's a true friend!Joie made a darling cake for me...
decorated with my favorite character!Ron and my Mom had given Stacy trivia questions about my life for a party game and Amy and Christine answered more correct than anyone. Christine I expected to do well as we are great pals, but I was surprised that Amy knew so much about me.Thanks a million Stacy for making me feel so loved. I hope you know how very touched I was. You are an amazing friend!

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

You have wonderful friends!! How sweet was that celebration!!