Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Libi went to school to give Mommy some quiet time on her 32nd birthday.

When I went to pick her up she was running like a crazy person...

she shows so much excitement for any birthday!

We loaded into the car once Ron got home and headed down to the Happiest Place on Earth. Of course we didn't tell Libs this was where we were going, otherwise she never would have taken a nap.

After grabbing my gift card at City Hall in DCA we went straight back to Toy Story Mania. I was determined to ride it today since we've never done it.

The wait was only 20 minutes-- which was fabulous-- so we walked the queue. There were really fun posters explaining how to play.

We couldn't all fit in one car if we all wanted to play, so we sat facing each other. This was ideal for pictures :) Here's Ron-- super excited to finally be on the ride...

and Libs and I in our car... Libi wasn't so sure about the glasses.

Ron did very well on his first ride.

Libi didn't get the hang of it until towards the end...

so she only scored 700 points. I was trying to take pictures, watch Libs, and play so my score wasn't stellar but I'm sure I'll do better next time.

After a brief stop in the gift shop we went to Triton's Carousel.

Lou has been such a fan of carousels lately-- very fun!


We went over to Disneyland to see Tink and were so pleased to find it decorated for the Fall Revelry.

For those of you who haven't watched the new Tinkerbell movie a thousand times (like we have) Tink gets to make the scepter for the Fall Revelry to replenish the fairy dust tree.

Sadly there were some problems with Tink, so there was a longer wait than the sign said.

Libi filled the time by dancing, hanging off of Daddy, and talking to "Belle". You see the little girl behind us was dressed in full Belle costume and Libi was sure she was in the presence of a princess. The little girl took it quite well and danced with Libi when she asked her to.

Once we got in were met with Silvermist and then something really fantastic happened....

we saw Terrance AND Tink!!!!

Not only did we see both of them, but we saw the fall scepter and all of Tink's tinkering stuff.

We had to have a family shot with all of this cool new stuff!

For dinner we went to our favorite-- New Orleans Cafe-- and I got a celebratory beignet!

I was not a fan of the sauce on the plate, so Libi and Ron ate my dessert.

Today was the first day that Princess Tiana and her prince were out meeting folks. Libi didn't know who they were, but she never met a princess she didn't like!

Since Halloween was a huge hit at our house this year, we asked Libi if she wanted to go on the "spooky Halloween ride" aka Haunted Mansion. To our surprise, she said yes so off we went...

We thought the Nightmare Before Christmas stuff would make it less scary for Libs, but we were wrong. She didn't cry or scream, she clung to Ron with bugged out eyes and her hand over her mouth the entire time. I don't think we will be going on that again any time soon.

Next we went back to Toontown and to our delight it was decorated for Christmas!

Minnie and Goofy were waiting for us by the Christmas tree. Libs was thrilled to see Minnie, but she wasn't too keen on Goofy-- note her standing right by Minnie.

It was the first time in many months that there was no line in either Mickey or Minnie's homes so Libi got to explore.

She found things that she had never seen in Minnie's kitchen and got to sit on lots of things in Mickey's.

In honor of my Birthday, we posed by this cake in Mickey's barn.

While Libs entertained herself by the Mickey mirror, Ron and I shared a tender moment. Love this guy!!

Here's another family picture with our favorite mouse.

Libi told Mickey quite a long story before she would pose with him.

So cute!!

Next we went on Gadget's Go Coaster-- Libi's first roller coaster!

She sat with Daddy and seemed to enjoy herself! When we got off the ride we asked Libi if she liked it and she said, "Yes!" so we offered to go again to which she quickly said, "No!"

Our final few rides were in Adventureland.

We went on the Jungle Cruise and the Tiki Room...

then it was time to go! With my gift card I bought Libs a Jesse doll which she loves-- it was a wonderful birthday.

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Disneyland is always the best place to celebrate a birthday!!!