Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A busy travel day

Since we had two queen beds in our hotel room and neither Ron nor I wanted to share with Libi we made her a bed of her own. She slept the entire night on the chair and ottoman and was quite comfy!

In the morning Daddy treated us to room service! Yum-o!

Libi really enjoyed her fruit plate-- especially because she got to eat it on the bed :)

We stayed close to the hotel room today-- coloring and playing with the few toys I packed. Libi can play with just about anything: she turned her colored pencils into people and had tons of adventures and conversations with them.

We were lucky enough to catch some of Uncle Tyler's speech to the middle school kids. He is such a wonderful guy and we are blessed that he is in our lives!

Before the drive home, we stopped into Shakey's for the Bunch of Lunch buffet. I had never been and Ron has raved about it for years so it was nice to finally experience it.

The best part of the meal by far was the mojo potatoes! Super yummy!

My MOPS table had another MNO tonight-- this time we met at Sabor for drinks. Yippee for their yummy sangria!!! It was nice to just sit and forget about potty training for a bit.

An update on that subject: Libi did have an accident tonight, but she was on her way to the potty so it wasn't too bad.

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