Saturday, November 28, 2009

Getting in the holiday spirit...

Today was a major cleaning/decorating day at the Ippolito house.

Ron even taught Libi how to vacuum-- I can't wait to take advantage of this new skill :)

I think I need to adopt her way of thinking that cleaning is a fun game-- because after years of doing it, it's not so much fun any more.

Lucas kindly volunteered to come help us set up the behemoth of a tree that we have.

It was so nice for me to just watch the assembly ( and take pictures of course) and to not have to lug it around with Ron.

You gotta love a pre-lit tree!!!

Libi was taking her nap while it was being set up, so when she came downstairs she was enchanted to see the new addition to the living room.

She kept saying things like: "Amazing", "Wonderful", "Look, look!!"-- it was darling to watch!

Libi had the honor of putting the first ornament on the tree-- it was the Toy Story ornament she chose at the Hallmark open house as her ornament for the year.

After a visit from Grammy and Grampy Libi wanted to do more decorating, but Mommy had had enough! We will hopefully finish up tomorrow!

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