Thursday, March 31, 2011

A sad day for the SCV

Today Canyon Country mourned the loss of one of our own--

PFC Rudy Acosta was killed in action a week ago and today he was buried at Eternal Valley.

They drove him all through Santa Clarita to give residents a chance to show his family how proud we were of his sacrifice.

I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it due to having to pick up Libi, but after reflecting on it I thought... if it was my child I would hope others would come out. I was a tad late to grab Libi but it was such a special moment that I am glad I went.

We are all getting ready for our respective trips so we each did our nails.

These little nails are hard to do without making a terrible mess, but I'll get the hang of it!

Dinner was fast and casual....

and shared with Grammy and Aunt Andrea so it was extra fun!!! A nice happy ending to an otherwise melancholy day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A day full of the sillies

Wednesday means two things-- dance class and lunch with Pop.

They are working really hard on the dance for the recital (you know, the one that I won't let my daughter participate in on principal, the one she knows by heart, the one that the teacher always asks her to help lead.... yea that recital!)

They are also spending time on the "bar"-- which I think is quite possibly the cutest thing EVER!!! I love seeing all those little pointy toes in the air!

I love this picture of Libi leading the train and Elyz hanging on for dear life!

We took some artwork to Pop to adorn his fridge...

and then Libs got silly... really silly!

There was giggling, and falling, and running-- all very silly!

To calm her down I asked her to show Pop some of her favorite games on my iPhone. It was absolutely darling! She took Pop's finger and "helped" him play some of her games. I actually remembered to get video because it was just too sweet.

Final day of Beard Watch-- It was fun while it lasted but I will be happy to have my sweet-smooth faced hubby back!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Parent Conferences

This morning Ron and I went to SCLP very early in the morning to hear about Libi's progress this year. She is excelling in all areas except..... wait for it..... she got a needs improvement in snapping and zipping her pants! Yup! Our girl might have to go through life with elastic waste bands :) I figure that if that is the only area they can find fault then we are doing OK!

Daddy had to run to school but Libi and I went to McDonald's for a celebratory breakfast! Boy oh boy does our girl love their smoothies (and Mommy isn't opposed to them either!)

I sent her back to school and went on about my day...

when I went to pick her up she was beaming....

she is working on her throwing and it was going quite well!

In the evening while Ron was out Libi and I began on some Easter crafts-- I think these will be used as teacher gifts!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Our little rocker!!!!

Music is very important to our family....

we spend a great deal of time each day listening to music, singing, and in this case, rocking out!!!

Today we weren't with it enough to get out of PJ's, but we were in the mood to rock!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Light on photos....

OK, OK-- many of my loyal followers have pointed out that I have been neglecting my blog and you are all correct. What I have found out about myself through some trials is that I am great at keeping the day to day things going when I'm sad, but the fun things... not so much! My house hasn't seen a decoration in months, my holiday clothes and pins are all but forgotten, and the blog, well it suffers too!

HOWEVER, this weekend (May 13-15th) I am on a mini scrapbook retreat in Valencia. Since I've been in my funk I don't have very much prepared to work on, but I do have access to my blog :) Therefore over the next three days it is my intention to get totally caught up so you can see that the Ippolito's are still ticking and doing lots of fun things (even though Mommy is sad!)

After church we made a quick stop at Michael's and found that they were doing crafts for little people. Libi happily made a darling flower-- she has inherited my mother and my crafty gene (insert happy dance here!)

The weather has been kooky, but it does make for splendid photos from our yard-- trying to look on the bright side.

This is the way you will find Ron and I most evening after Libi is in bed-- working away on our laptops. (Confession: He is working and I'm usually on Facebook or playing games, but let's just say that I'm "working")

Beard Watch 2011--- It is coming in quite thick-- almost like Will Riker from Star Trek ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

South Pacific

Tonight I finally got to see South Pacific.

Libi simply loved the show and has been raving about it for days...

She also loves all the attention she gets when she goes in costume :)

Grammy and Grampy were also able to attend the show... an added bonus!

The show was completely spectacular!

AND from my front row seat...

I got some really great photographs!

Libi's favorite sons was "Wash that Man Right out of my Hair." She now sings it all over the house.

Gina out does herself every year-- can't wait for the next show.

Ron was recognized on stage for all his hard work. He really loves working with the drama kids!

After the show Libs got to pose with some of the cast...

she was in total awe!

She especially loved meeting the star of the show...

and getting her photo taken with Aunt Gina!

Many drama alum who are seniors in high school this year came to the show. I realized that these kids were in Oklahoma right after Libs was born. I asked them to recreate one of my favorite pictures and they were happy to oblige... with one exception! Libi is no longer easy to hold.. so we had her stand :)

We did a few photos next to the stunning backdrop...

and a family photo...

before we bid everyone goodbye!

We did our Beard Watch photo after the show. It looks like he's been on a deserted island without a razor.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Giving Blood / Girls Night Out

Today Libs went for her annual blood draw...

This year it was in a new office...

AND she had to give a urine sample too. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Since she was so brave, she was rewarded with a trip to Ron's school.

After spending some time in his room we headed home to nap.

Daddy had the play tonight and Howard was traveling so Amy and I decided to take the kids out for dinner.

We hit Johnny Rockets for burgers then went to see if there was anything left on clearance from our Borders which is closing.

A few minutes by the fountain left the kids happy (since they each got to make a wish) and wet!

For dessert we tried a new place in town, Bake you Happy. They won Cupcake Wars on Food Network, so they had to be good.

Libi tried the red velvet...

I had a yellow cake with butter-cream frosting (of course!!!) We were even nice enough to take Ron a red velvet home.

Everyone devoured their cupcakes, so I think it was a hit!

These kids just slay me....

they are darling together and get along beautifully despite the difference in their ages.

I think we must have done something right to have such fun kids ;)

As a last minute decision Libi and I went to Canyon to see Jazz Pop.

One of the gals in the Jazz Band was one of my students when I taught music a million years ago. It was fun to see her all grown up!

Libi and I enjoyed seeing all the song and dance numbers...

especially the Michael Jackson and Elvis songs.

It was nice to see Mrs. Purdy who is still directing the choir... some things never change.