Friday, March 25, 2011

Giving Blood / Girls Night Out

Today Libs went for her annual blood draw...

This year it was in a new office...

AND she had to give a urine sample too. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Since she was so brave, she was rewarded with a trip to Ron's school.

After spending some time in his room we headed home to nap.

Daddy had the play tonight and Howard was traveling so Amy and I decided to take the kids out for dinner.

We hit Johnny Rockets for burgers then went to see if there was anything left on clearance from our Borders which is closing.

A few minutes by the fountain left the kids happy (since they each got to make a wish) and wet!

For dessert we tried a new place in town, Bake you Happy. They won Cupcake Wars on Food Network, so they had to be good.

Libi tried the red velvet...

I had a yellow cake with butter-cream frosting (of course!!!) We were even nice enough to take Ron a red velvet home.

Everyone devoured their cupcakes, so I think it was a hit!

These kids just slay me....

they are darling together and get along beautifully despite the difference in their ages.

I think we must have done something right to have such fun kids ;)

As a last minute decision Libi and I went to Canyon to see Jazz Pop.

One of the gals in the Jazz Band was one of my students when I taught music a million years ago. It was fun to see her all grown up!

Libi and I enjoyed seeing all the song and dance numbers...

especially the Michael Jackson and Elvis songs.

It was nice to see Mrs. Purdy who is still directing the choir... some things never change.

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