Sunday, March 20, 2011

Too much on my plate...

I got a last minute e-mail to run Libi's Sunday school class this morning. I spent much of the previous night worrying about what to teach and much of this morning cutting things out on my Cricut for the craft.

Libi was thrilled to have us working in her class...

and I was so happy that Ron was willing to help me!

I somehow managed to set up/clear between the two services and get into the classroom before the class got too full.

After church it was raining buckets and they had a special ceremony for Rev. Lynn and in all that I completely forgot to clear the altar! I have never felt worse!!! We were on our way to lunch through this weather...

when I realized that I flaked on my partner. It's only my forth month on Altar Guild-- you would think I could get it right?

For the rest of the day the weather matched my mood-- I am not fond of being flaky!!! I did get to chat with my partner and explain to her what happened and happily she didn't seem too angry. Note to self: I can't do Sunday school and altar guild on the same week-- it's just too much for my brain to handle!!!

Beard Watch 2011: Even this cute smile couldn't make me feel better today :(

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