Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A night with a different mouse...

At school today Libi was surrounded by her boys.

They pulled and pushed her and I suspected that she would cry foul, but she realized that they were only playing with her so she never did.

In the evening we went to every parents favorite spot.... Chuck E. Cheese's. Try to curb your jealousy, please!

Libi was very enamored with Mr. Chuck.

She loved seeing all of her school playmates there and playing games with them.

She kept insisting on riding the rides-- Mommy wanted to play games that gave tickets, but she was outvoted.

These three owls are such cutie-pies!!!

Ron had to help on the flying bike ride. When it came time to leave Libi complained that she only got 2 toys to take home because we only had 115 tickets. I explained that when you ride rides, you don't get tickets. I have a feeling on our next visit we will be playing more games. Skeeball here I come :)

Beard Watch 2011 Update: The stubble is starting!!!

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