Sunday, March 27, 2011

Light on photos....

OK, OK-- many of my loyal followers have pointed out that I have been neglecting my blog and you are all correct. What I have found out about myself through some trials is that I am great at keeping the day to day things going when I'm sad, but the fun things... not so much! My house hasn't seen a decoration in months, my holiday clothes and pins are all but forgotten, and the blog, well it suffers too!

HOWEVER, this weekend (May 13-15th) I am on a mini scrapbook retreat in Valencia. Since I've been in my funk I don't have very much prepared to work on, but I do have access to my blog :) Therefore over the next three days it is my intention to get totally caught up so you can see that the Ippolito's are still ticking and doing lots of fun things (even though Mommy is sad!)

After church we made a quick stop at Michael's and found that they were doing crafts for little people. Libi happily made a darling flower-- she has inherited my mother and my crafty gene (insert happy dance here!)

The weather has been kooky, but it does make for splendid photos from our yard-- trying to look on the bright side.

This is the way you will find Ron and I most evening after Libi is in bed-- working away on our laptops. (Confession: He is working and I'm usually on Facebook or playing games, but let's just say that I'm "working")

Beard Watch 2011--- It is coming in quite thick-- almost like Will Riker from Star Trek ;)

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