Monday, March 14, 2011

Libi's first visit to the dentist

Libi has been excited about going to the dentist for months now.

When we entered the office we were immediately put at ease because Finding Nemo was playing!!! (Funnily enough it was even the dentist scene!)

The whole office has a jungle feel which was pretty cool!

Our first stop was to have x-rays taken. Libi did it perfectly the first time. She and I were both able to see the films of her teeth. It was crazy to see her adult teeth waiting to drop down and her molars which she will get around 6 years waiting under her gums.

When she got to the exam chair there was lots to see.

The tech took lots of time to show her every tool and how they worked. I wish my dentist was that thorough!

When it was time to clean Libs found that the light was too bright...

so they put glasses on her!

She was a total trooper the entire visit...

you can see from her body language that she wasn't loving it and she was a bit scared, but she never cried or complained.... I am super lucky!!!!

Look at those clean teeth!!!

Dr. Monti gave a final check to the teeth and graded her a B on her oral care. When we go back in 6 months she will get an A-- we are all excited to work on our smiles!

We were so proud of Libi for doing such a good job! Way to go honey!

Beard Watch 2011: Growing, growing, growing!!!

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