Thursday, March 3, 2011

CADA Day 2 / Legoland

Libi and I both experienced a new So. Cal. attraction today.

We drove about 20 minutes north of our hotel to Legoland.

It was awe inspiring to see virtually everything made out of Legos!!!

Our first ride was a jeep safari through dozens of Lego critters.

Next we took a boat ride through...

lots of fairy tales.

Next we hopped on a train for a short ride through a farm.

They had a fun playground with slides, Legos, and things to climb.

Libi loved exploring every nook and cranny of it.

Our longest wait of the day was for this elevated ride which gave us a bird's eye view of the park.

Libi was cautious at first, but when she started to see all the Legos she warmed up.

Here is some of the sights we saw while on the ride.

Next it was off to Fun Town.

Libi was so excited to drive her own car...

sadly she wasn't a very good driver...

she was an excellent crasher!!!!

She crashed three times, was rescued twice by the man who ran the ride, and ended here in her third crash site... At least she was all smiles! The man thought twice about giving her a license but in the end he did give her one.

We were a little sad that we were too early to experience the new Star Wars exhibit. I think we will have to come back after March 31st to check it out.

We made our way up the hill to the medieval area where Libi found a really fun play area... and some neat leaves too :)

She was just the perfect size and age to ride on the joust horses.

She looked like a perfect match for her horse.

We walked through a trail of famous folks and Libi squealed with delight when she saw Lincoln. She insisted that she get a picture to share with Daddy and Granpa.

The Lego towns were amazing!!! Our first stop was Washington D.C. Even the little people are made of Lego :)

Next we went to California... We saw the Hollywood Bowl,

and a familiar sight from Hollywood.

A short walk away we entered New York.

Libi found the moving parts and interactive bits most entertaining.

We went on a boat ride through some more buildings. This Lego man might have been Libi's favorite thing of the entire day. They have a recording where he falls into the lake-- which is hilarious if you are 4 ;)

Another really cool "building" was Mt. Rushmore where they had a huge Q-tip in Washington's ear.

We bought Libi's first "big-girl" Legos, got some ice cream, and headed to the hotel for nap.

As we left we found some Lego friends-- they looked so lifelike that Libi couldn't believe it.

We joined the Wm. S. Hart teachers for dinner in Old T0wn. Daddy surprised both of us with roses-- he's so sweet!

It was a fun dinner and Libi behaved beautifully! It was nice for Ron and I to reconnect with friends and for Libi to be an angel.

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