Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Spring rush begins

The weather has been really cold lately so not much outside time at school.

When I went in for pick up I found them singing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider"-- so sweet.

When we got home Libi re-enacted the whole Broadway show of Beauty and the Beast with her Disney figures.

The cast was made up of:

Belle as Belle

Hercules as the Beast

Alice as Mrs. Potts

Aladdin as Lumiere

Peter Pan as Gaston

Stitch as La Fou

Snow White as Chip

Libi was so proud of herself that she even asked to take some cast photos.

In the evening Libs went to Grammy and Grampy's house...

while Ron and I went to the 8th grade East Coast Trip meeting.

Ron ran the meeting with his usual ease while Jenny and I ran the back of the room.

Beard Watch 2011-- Libi said it best, he now looks like Uncle Hugo or Uncle Arthur!

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