Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Parent Conferences

This morning Ron and I went to SCLP very early in the morning to hear about Libi's progress this year. She is excelling in all areas except..... wait for it..... she got a needs improvement in snapping and zipping her pants! Yup! Our girl might have to go through life with elastic waste bands :) I figure that if that is the only area they can find fault then we are doing OK!

Daddy had to run to school but Libi and I went to McDonald's for a celebratory breakfast! Boy oh boy does our girl love their smoothies (and Mommy isn't opposed to them either!)

I sent her back to school and went on about my day...

when I went to pick her up she was beaming....

she is working on her throwing and it was going quite well!

In the evening while Ron was out Libi and I began on some Easter crafts-- I think these will be used as teacher gifts!

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