Saturday, March 26, 2011

South Pacific

Tonight I finally got to see South Pacific.

Libi simply loved the show and has been raving about it for days...

She also loves all the attention she gets when she goes in costume :)

Grammy and Grampy were also able to attend the show... an added bonus!

The show was completely spectacular!

AND from my front row seat...

I got some really great photographs!

Libi's favorite sons was "Wash that Man Right out of my Hair." She now sings it all over the house.

Gina out does herself every year-- can't wait for the next show.

Ron was recognized on stage for all his hard work. He really loves working with the drama kids!

After the show Libs got to pose with some of the cast...

she was in total awe!

She especially loved meeting the star of the show...

and getting her photo taken with Aunt Gina!

Many drama alum who are seniors in high school this year came to the show. I realized that these kids were in Oklahoma right after Libs was born. I asked them to recreate one of my favorite pictures and they were happy to oblige... with one exception! Libi is no longer easy to hold.. so we had her stand :)

We did a few photos next to the stunning backdrop...

and a family photo...

before we bid everyone goodbye!

We did our Beard Watch photo after the show. It looks like he's been on a deserted island without a razor.

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