Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All over town...

At school today the kids anxiously awaited...

to see the Sheriff and his special friend.

Officer Jack-- a brand-new drug dog-- came to the school today.

It was hard for Libi and I because they kept asking whether or not the kids had dogs at home. She just kept looking at me every time they were asked to raise their hands. I sat in the corner crying to myself-- good times!

He hid some contraband on the playground and let Jack find it.

He was such a good and spirited dog!!

Libs jumped at the chance to pet him-- I think that's one of the things she misses about Tobee most is giving her loves!

It was another fun morning with a community helper.

Next it was off to dance class.

Libi was happy to be back with Elyz.

The girls are doing such a good job of following Miss Cheryl Lynn's directions!

Libi's favorite tap activity is walking on her heels!

Before we crashed for a nap I ran Libi over to have lunch with Ron. We quietly ate in the core while his student teacher did the lesson on the Renaissance.

In the afternoon Libi and I went to the children's Ash Wednesday service at church. I have been taking Libi to get ashes since she was 3 months old. I'm not sure why we never miss this service, but it is now tradition!!!

Afterward we ran to Christine's house to drop off some things. While we waited for her to come home we had some camera fun!

Dinner tonight was Rattler's with Ron followed by Sam's Club for gas. Since gas prices are on the rise, I thought it would be fun to take a photo of what I paid!

Beard Watch 2011 Update: I'm going to miss seeing those dimples :)

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