Monday, March 7, 2011

A nice, slow day!

Welcome home. Enjoy all the unpacking, laundry, tux return, etc. that is waiting for you!

While Mommy was working on all that mess,

Libi made a mess of her own!! She was craving her independent imaginary play in San Diego so she spent all of today telling stories with her dolls, dressing up, and just having fun!

I looked out back to find some sort of bird of prey on our fence. Sorry the photo is dark, it was taken through our screen!

By the end of the day the laundry looked better, but our living room did not! Oh well, we will work on that tomorrow.

Today is Ron's last day of being clean-shaven. He participated in a contest at school to help raise money for kids with cancer-- the teacher who had the most pennies in their jar would do something cool. Ron's "cool" thing was to not shave for a month-- the kids wanted to see him with a beard. I love my husband no matter how he looks, but I much prefer him clean-shaven. But, he keeps reminding me that it's for charity... so today begins "Beard Watch 2011!"

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