Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nearly St. Pat's Day...

Yesterday was my 1000th post!!! What an amazing feat!!!! Thanks for reading along with me :)

For ballet class today Libs really got into the spirit of things. She wore a green skirt and St. Patty's headband (the skirt lasted all class-- despite the face it was two sizes too small-- the headband lasted about 30 seconds even though it fit perfectly!)

We took Miss Cheryl-Ann a rainbow treat. We will also take these to SCLP tomorrow.

One moment the headband was on...

the next it was being delivered to me by her teacher.

She still loves dancing...

and look at that form!!! Pointed toe and good extension-- Nana would be proud!

Speaking of Nana, her poor garden is being picked one flower at a time by Libs.

She inherited Nana's love of picking flowers and Pop is happy to take her out there and clip some for her.

This week there were some really big ones...


Libi has been discovering toys that she hasn't played with in ages. Today she pulled several oldies but goodies out for a tea party.

After nap we went to 5 Guys for the first time...

to help out Project Prom, a fundraiser to make sure that every Wm. S. Hart student can afford to go to prom.

It was our first time here-- and we have lots of friends who have raved about it-- so we were anxious to give it a go.

Their fries were just eh, but the burger was good (not Bob's good, but good none the less). I love this photo because you can see Ron tweeting about his experience in the background. Ah technology!

Beard Watch 2011--- It almost looks like a beard!

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