Thursday, March 10, 2011

Libi's Second Dose of Musical Theater!

When I dropped Libi off at SCLP this morning she went straight to the beads.

In no time flat she had found the letters for "Libi" and was putting them on the necklace!

She had fun at school while I took the time to curl up in a little ball-- I am still having trouble dealing with all the loss of the past 12 months and really look forward to my few hours alone to fall apart so I can be well-composed around Libs :)

It was share day today and Libs took her stuffed giraffe. The giraffe is her favorite animal and she made sure to accessorize her with a red Build a Bear bow and flower.

In the evening we dressed Libi up in a fancy dress given to her by Cousin Bridget.

We told her we were going some place special...

and she was super excited!!!

Mommy even tried something new with her hair!

She was more than open to having a full-on photo shoot for me while we waited for Daddy to change.

After a quick dinner at ChiChi's we went to Hollywood to see...

Beauty and the Beast...

on Opening Night!!!

Libi was a perfect little lady the entire show!! She was transfixed on the stage and enjoyed every single minute! I simply love the fact that she is growing into quite a theater buff like her Mommy :)

Beard Watch 2011 Update: No beard yet, but lots of stubble!