Friday, March 11, 2011

Sugar bugs and nights out...

Today was the final day of Community Helper week.

The kids were visited by Miss Marty who works for a dentist.

She told them tales of sugar bugs and the importance of brushing. Now I have a little girl who asks if each and every piece of food she eats contains sugar.

She showed them how to brush on her friend the kangaroo-- cool and scary at the same time!

The kids were all excited that she brought coloring books for them to take home.

Hopefully our teeth won't turn purple-- we have to keep those sugar bugs off!!!

In the evening Ron and Libi went to visit Grammy and Grampy...

there was dancing and tickling and lots of fun.

I went to Amy's place to have some wine with the girls. It was such a fun night hanging out and talking-- I love these gals! We desperately missed Dolly who wasn't able to attend-- we are bringing the party to her next time!!!!

Beard Watch 2011-- Starting to get scratchy for me and itchy for him :)

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Dolly said...

I was so bummed that I wasn't able to attend GNO... Nice to know that I was missed =) I love you gals!!!